Optical Illusion Challenge: Can You Find The Missing Legs?

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Okay, first there was the debate over the color of “The Dress.” It sparked heated debate among millions of people. But now there is another optical illusion making the rounds: The case of the “Missing Legs.”

Get out your magnifying glasses, Sherlocks, ’cause this is a tricky one! It has had us scratching our heads for hours. The photo was first posted on Reddit, where users hotly debated the issue and turned it into the latest viral argument.

Check out the photo here:

Reddit, jr0d7771

As you can see, it’s a tough one! It certainly appears as though one of the women on the couch is missing her legs! There are six women in the photo, but apparently only five sets of legs. Hmmm….

Crazy, right? Many theories emerged attempting to explain which legs belonged to which women. You probably have a few of your own. But, mercifully, the women in the photo appeared on Fox News, and ended the mystery once and for all. All is revealed in the video below:

Optical illusion photographs have grown in popularity, thanks to the internet. Many debates have been sparked thanks to tricky photos, such as the one below of a cat. Is this cat going up or down the stairs? Ahhh! It could go both ways, right?


(Here is the answer, if you are interested).

And, of course, there is also this debate over the “shiny legs.” Why are they so shiny? Once you know the answer, the picture completely changes!


In the mood for more?


Or how about this one? Can you see the horse?


Forget Where’s Waldo? books. These optical illusions are tough!

Find the panda in this picture below:


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How many ships do you see in this photo?


Yep, you could lose hours of your life trying to figure this stuff out! But, hey, it’s a fun way to pass the time! And what about this one? Is this a profile shot or not?


Nice work! You’ve now completed your brain exercises for the day.

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]