You can order a custom 3D portrait of your family


Family portraits are timeless reminders of your loved ones that often become treasured heirlooms. And while group photos on the beach or stunning paintings are beautiful ways to preserve those memories, a 3D portrait of your brood could be a fun, unique piece of art to hang in your home.

Several services and artists offer distinct 3D portrait options, ranging from sweet to funny to amazingly lifelike, so there is something for everyone.

Art Spoon and Mug 

The Etsy store Art Spoon and Mug creates handmade 3D portraits using polymer clay. The artist will customize each bespoke frame with your specifications. You can send a photo and describe details, select a background color and add names and dates if desired. The portraits start at $112.



If you or someone you love collects bobbleheads, this could be the ideal option. Abobblehead can make a custom set of bobbleheads using photos of you and your family members. You can upload the pics when you order or send them via email after placing your order. Other customizations include bobbling or stationary heads, custom bases and text. A standard order takes about three weeks, although rush orders are available at a premium. Family bobbleheads start at about $140.


Creating Carmichael

This Etsy store creates custom 3D family portraits by hand-painting wooden peg dolls and mounting them in a rustic frame. You can add up to 10 people to an order at Creating Carmichael, with prices ranging from $45-$110 based on the number of family members included. And, yes, you can add your furry family members.


If you are looking for a unique way to capture your family at this moment in time or fondly look back on a special memory, these 3D portraits are definitely options to consider.

Which one suits your family best?

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