How to order ‘Hocus Pocus’ Frappuccinos from the Starbucks’ secret menu

The Sanderson Sisters have cast a spell over pop culture and it’s reached the trendy Starbucks secret menu! Those witchy women from Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” have inspired their fans to conjure up three different Starbucks Frappuccino “brews” to honor the powerful sibling trio.

In case you haven’t been initiated into this particular coffee coven, the Starbucks secret menu is a collection of drinks that are not listed on the chain’s official menu but can still be created by giving the proper instructions to your friendly barista.

Just in time for autumn, the “Hocus Pocus”-inspired drinks are inspired by each of the three spooky sisters: Mary, Sarah and Winifred. Each frosty drink takes different elements of the characters into its creation, from colors based on their costuming to flavors based on their personality!


All three of these fun drinks were created by the geniuses at We love how much thought and creativity they put into designing the recipes.

First, we have the Mary Sanderson Frappuccino. Don’t worry, no children will be harmed in the making of this coffee drink!

This pretty drink gets has swirls of red and pink that match Mary’s bewitching dress. If you love chocolate-covered strawberries then this is the drink for you! It’s simply a grande-size strawberries and cream Frappuccino with extra strawberry inclusions blended in and white mocha swapped in for the typical sweetener. When ordering, make sure to ask for mocha drizzle and strawberry puree on the top and bottom of your drink to make it complete!

Next, we move on to the Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino. The drink masters at dreamed up this recipe to look like the vain youngest sister with her purple dress and blonde hair. To order the Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino, just ask for a Violet Drink with extra berries. Then, you’ll want them to switch out the coconut milk for soy milk. Ask the barista to double blend the drink and top it whipped cream and ginger powder.

If your favorite Sanderson sister is Bette Midler’s Winifred, then you’re probably going to love her drink! This Frap totally captures Winnie’s look, from the green dress to the shocking red of her hair!

To order the drink, tell the barista you want a grande Green Tea Frappuccino. Next, ask for one pump of white mocha and one pump of peppermint syrup. To give the drink the look of Winifred’s red hair, order your drink with some crushed strawberry inclusions on top of the whipped cream.

That’s it! You can order any or all of these drinks to enjoy when you’re going to sit down and watch “Hocus Pocus” to get even deeper into the Halloween spirit!

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