Here’s Why You Should Order The Large Pizza Every Time

Ordering pizza delivery is a time-honored tradition. You might be too tired to cook. You might have nothing in the house. You might just be really craving delicious delivery pizza. Any and all of these are good reasons.

But then comes the classic issue: What size pizza should you get? If you get a medium when there’s only two people (or just you, no judgment here), is that a waste?

What’s the best deal? The answer, according to NPR, is a happy one: always get the largest size available.

Basically, even though a 16-inch pizza might not look all that much bigger than an 8-inch pie, you are getting a lot more for your money according to math that I cannot explain and you don’t remember from high school anyway.

Essentially, according to Planet Money, one 16-inch pizza has “roughly the same area as 1.3 14-inch pizzas or FOUR 8-inch pizzas.”

Even without all the extra fancy computations, it’s simple: the area of the pizza increases with each added inch. And when it comes to pizza, every cheesy, saucy inch counts.


Photo by ginnerobot