How to order a pumpkin caramel macchiato from Starbucks’ ‘secret’ menu

Starbucks has become somewhat notorious for “secret” drinks that eventually evolve into not-so-secret, super-popular drinks. Now, we may have another Unicorn Frappucino on our hands with the latest secret drink from the coffee chain, the pumpkin caramel macchiato.

There is a lot going on in this new coffee concoction. It’s got caramel macchiato, which, according to Starbucks, “begins with milk steamed until it’s stretched and smooth to bring out its natural sweetness and is topped by a dense, creamy foam. Then rich espresso is poured over and through the foam, where it mixes with the milk and creates a brown mark on top. Finally, the barista signs their work of art with a crosshatch of sweet caramel sauce.”

Woah. But this twist on the classic caramel macchiato features—wait for it—pumpkin spice syrup instead of the vanilla syrup the drink usually calls for.

So far, the pumpkin caramel macchiato has not hit the official Starbucks menu, but here’s how to ask your barista to make the special drink: All you have to do it order a caramel macchiato, which is available hot or iced, and ask that it be made with pumpkin spice syrup instead of vanilla. To really lean into the official flavor of fall, make sure you get the pumpkin spice topping, which is made of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove.

Despite the fact that this super delicious-sounding drink is not yet on the actual menu board, social media already abounds with people sharing snaps of what is bound to be the next fall classic, along with their thoughts on the drink:

This Instagrammer claims to have ordered the drink before Starbucks even posted about it (a pumpkin spice pioneer!). “Much fall, such wow,” she caption the photo.

And this user decided to take hers hot:

Over on Twitter, people were just as impressed, with this girl claiming she’s in love with the new drink:

What do you think? Will you give the “secret” pumpkin caramel macchiato a try?