New Oreo Cookie Flavors From #MyOreoCreation Contest Debut In 2018

Anyone who loves Oreo cookies knows how exciting it is when the brand comes out with new flavors. Sure, the classic Oreo is tasty enough on its own, but Nabisco sure takes it up a notch when they introduce varieties like Double Stuf, Peanut Butter and Cool Mint.

You may have recently heard that Oreo revealed their latest mystery flavor (Fruity Pebbles, in case you missed it!), and now the company has announced that they’re adding three new flavors to their repertoire. Get your tastebuds ready, because these flavors are pretty wild.

Say hello to Cherry Cola Oreos, Kettle Corn Oreos and Piña Colada Oreo Thins, which are all coming your way in 2018.


New Flavors Win Cookie Contest

These three flavors were selected from the #MyOreoCreation contest, in which hundreds of thousands of Oreo fans submitted their ideas for the next big cookie variety. Oreo narrowed the entries down to these three flavors, and are leaving it up to fans to vote on which of the three flavors is the grand prize winner.


Other fans who submitted potential Oreo flavor ideas won’t get to see their cookies made on a mass scale. However, the company did make some individual cookies in suggested flavors and sent them to fans, like this person who got her own Thai Tea Oreo:

How about a Flan Oreo? The cookie company liked this flavor combination, too!

Maybe you’d prefer a breakfast cookie? How does a little french toast sound in your Oreos? Instagram user b_tuc caught Oreo’s attention with his sweet idea!

If you’re a caramel lover, then you’ d probably love jamesandrewsmithart’s Oreo proposal. A caramel core inside a Double Stuff Oreo cookie? Yes, please!!!

Spring Into New Flavors In 2018

We know the news of new Oreo flavors is exciting, but don’t run to the grocery store just yet: As mentioned, they won’t be released until May 2018.

You can, however, expect some more flavors to hit shelves a little sooner. Limited edition flavors Spicy Cinnamon Oreos as well as Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos will hit shelves for all to enjoy in January 2018.

Oreo also announced that it will also be re-releasing Firework Oreos and Marshmallow Peep Oreos sometime in 2018 as well.

Although we don’t know what the New Year has in store for us, it sure looks like 2018 will be a great time for cookie lovers! When it comes down to this dessert, you’ll sure have plenty of options.