Oreo is coming out with a brownie-cookie dough flavor


Leave it to Oreo to find a way to end 2020 on a sweet note.

During this bizarre year, Nabisco already brought us new Oreo creations such as tiramisu Oreos, chocolate hazelnut Oreos and the soon-to-debut Lady Gaga Oreos.

Now, everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie brand has dropped some exciting news about a fun flavor we can look forward to in 2021: the brownie- and cookie-dough-flavored Brookie-O.

“Three layers of creme are better than one,” Oreo posted on Twitter. “Say hi to Brookie-O, our newest limited-edition flavor with brownie, original creme and cookie dough!”

This cookie masterpiece begins with the original chocolate Oreo cookie and its iconic creme filling. The original Oreo is simple and timeless, and it goes perfectly with a glass of milk.


The new Brookie-O then adds two more layers of flavored creme to the original cookie. First, there’s the cookie dough-flavored creme. If you love the taste of raw cookie dough, this new addition will be right up your alley.

Then there’s a brownie-flavored layer of creme, which lends a deeper chocolate flavor to every bite and gives the new cookie its name: the Brookie-O.

Oreo confirmed to Delish that the Brookie-O cookies will hit store shelves sometime in January 2021. However, one Instagram user, @junkfoodleaks_, got to sample some Brookie-Os and their review has us wishing we could get our hands on some.

The Brookie-O is “an Oreo concoction that’s way too overdue,” according to the Instagram caption. “Thankfully this baby delivers.”

Speaking of Oreos that deliver, the brand has started offering customization options so you can add colored creme and sprinkles — and even personal photos — to a batch of Oreo cookies and have them shipped to someone you love.


Just head to the OreoiD website, choose from eight creme colors and sprinkle colors, dip the cookies in fudge, then upload an image and select the packaging. You can also purchase cookies without a design and just choose your favorite color for the creme.

Are you ready to try some new Oreo treats in 2021?

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