You Can Buy A 9-Pound Bucket Of Oreo Cookies & Creme Frosting At Sam’s Club

It’s an unwritten rule that the best part of an Oreo cookie is the cream in the middle. So it goes without saying that we can’t be held responsible for what happens to our self-control when you crush the cookies and mix them into frosting.

Get ready to abandon all thoughts of enjoying just one little scoop because Sam’s Club doesn’t care about restraint (I mean, have you seen this giant cinnamon roll?!). The retail warehouse is straight up selling nine-pound buckets of cookie’s ‘n crème frosting made with real Oreos.

Nine. Pound. Buckets.


According to a Sam’s Club spokesperson, the frosting container is enough to ice more than 200 cupcakes. According to me, the frosting container is just enough to get me halfway through a Netflix binge session.

For Sam’s Club members, all you have to do is go to your local Sam’s Club bakery and order the giant tub. Just take a look at it in all its glorious creaminess:

Sam's Club

If you for some reason don’t need nine pounds of frosting, you can still get the same whipped icing on the store’s Member’s Mark cakes and cupcakes — both of which look just as incredible:

According to Valdosta Today, if you decide to go for it and just dig right in, the whole container is 16,380 calories, 936 grams of fat and 1,521 grams of sugar.

I’m not saying it’s worth it, but it totally sounds worth it.


Will you be splurging on this gigantic bucket of frosting?