The popular Oreo dunking kits are back at Walmart this holiday season

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Is there any better treat than cookies and milk? Oreos are known as “milk’s favorite cookie,” so it’s no surprise that someone would come up with a method for dunking the cookies in milk to maximize this delicious combo. Last year, Frankford Candy introduced The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set, a contraption that allows you to dunk a stack of the cookies in milk without creating a mess. This genius invention was a big hit, and now, it’s back again just in time for the holidays.

It’s available at Walmart for $9.32. It comes with two glass mugs for milk, two sets of cookie tongs for dunking, two “cookie cages,” two napkins and 13 Oreo cookies. Simply follow the simple four-step instructions included on the box to get the perfect dunk. Whether you like just a quick splash of milk, or you prefer your Oreo on the verge of completely crumbling, this set ensures you can get the dunk of your dreams.

Last year, these kits were available for $19.99 at regular cost and at Walmart for $17.98. It looks like you can also get the product from but it’ll cost you a lot more: $53.99, to be exact. However, Amazon does have a smaller version, with just one glass and six cookies, for $29.99.


This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for any Oreo lover. Don’t forget to have some fresh milk on hand for dunking. The lucky recipient of this wonderful contraption is going to want to take it for a test drive right away!

The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set is not the only Oreo accessory you can get at Walmart. There’s also the Oreo Milkshake Set, which is the ideal way to have your Oreos and drink them too! It’s available for $29.99.

The set includes two ceramic Oreo mugs, an ice cream scooper, reusable straws and two small packs of Oreos to get your first shake started. Directions for mixing up an Oreo shake are conveniently located right on the mug. All you need are Oreos, milk and vanilla ice cream.


You can, of course, use these items with the holiday-themed Oreos that will be out this year.

Will you make a cookie lover’s holiday by gifting them with a special Oreo device this year?