Oreo Easter ‘egg’ cookie decorating kits are the perfect edible activity for kids


Decorating Easter eggs is one of the most anticipated activities of the spring holiday … unless you’re a parent. Let’s face it, cleaning up drops of spilled neon dye isn’t always fun. But now there’s a way to celebrate the season and decorate “eggs” with little muss or fuss: an egg-shaped cookie decorating set from Oreo.

Oreo Chocolate Cookie Easter Egg Decorating Kits come with two pre-made chocolate cookies (which serve as the “eggs”) and pre-made icing, candy eggs and mini Oreo cookies for decorating.

They can currently be found at Walmart for $5.47, but Hip2Save reports they should be making their way to other retailers soon.

These would be great for stuffing Easter Egg baskets! You could also present them as a fun craft for kids at home, at school, or on playdates.


Or, if you’d prefer skip right to deliciousness, you might want to pick up this year’s limited edition Oreo Easter Egg cookies! These egg-shaped Oreos are like Golden Oreos, but with a hint of pink added to the mix for a spring-like vibe.

Instagrammmer @threesnackateers first brought these to our attention and as you can see, they are almost too cute to eat. ALMOST!


It doesn’t seem like any stores have the iconic and divisive Oreo Peeps from past spring seasons, so it seems like that flavor has been retired for now. We can’t help but wonder if this is because Oreo fans complained that the 2017 pink Peeps flavor had some troubling side effects. (We won’t go into the details but suffice to say it made things pink that aren’t normally pink.)

On a less gruesome note, you can still find the traditional Oreo Easter Egg Limited Edition from 2019 with chocolate sandwich cookies and purple cream filling on Amazon — but only from third-party sellers. You’ll have to pay a premium for these, and they’ll probably be left over from last year. But still!


If you’re all about the new flavors, though, keep your eyes peeled for Oreo’s latest, which should be hitting the shelves in just a couple of weeks. Oreo first teased us with this big announcement on their Twitter page on February 18:

We are still waiting for more info, but Oreo fans are discussing possible “Trolls”-themed Oreo ideas like Rainbow Cake Oreos. The new movie “Trolls World Tour” is due out April 17, 2020.

Are you planning to incorporate Oreos into your Easter celebration? There are some great ways to do it!

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