Make Oreo ice cream at home with just 3 ingredients

Cookies and cream is one of my favorite ice cream flavors. It’s like combining a refreshing, cold glass of milk with a stack of Oreo cookies. But, sometimes I feel a little let down when I order a couple of scoops from an ice cream shop because the cookies just aren’t the real deal. I’m not a snob about most things, but nothing beats authentic Oreo cookies. There is something about their taste and texture that can’t be replicated.

But with this three-ingredient recipe for Oreo ice cream, you can have the real deal in your freezer any time.

It’s time for a little honesty. I’ve never made ice cream at home because it usually looks so complicated, but this recipe from Beth at The First Year has me ready to go out to the grocery store to get what I need to whip up a batch.

The First Year

Look at those giant pieces of Oreo mixed into the ice cream!

You will not need an ice cream maker to create this fabulous frozen dessert. All you need for equipment is a stand mixer, a metal bowl and a container in which to put your freshly made ice cream (metal is a good choice here, if possible).

Metal bowls and containers are important for keeping the mixture cold during the preparation process. You’ll want to place your mixing bowl in the freezer to make sure it’s icy cold before you start blending your ingredients.

The First Year Blog

Speaking of ingredients, remember there are only three that you need to make this Oreo ice cream: heavy whipping cream, Oreo cookies and sweetened condensed milk. You might already have all of these on hand!

A video from The First Year’s YouTube channel shows just how easy it is:

You’ll definitely want to read the full recipe, which includes the specific ingredient quantities (of course!) and has a ton of helpful tips.

The recipe recommends making the ice cream about 24 hours before serving to give the mixture plenty of time to firm up and make the perfect scoops.