Oreo Iced Coffee Is Now Available To Make Your Day Sweeter

Your mornings are about to get a whole lot better. International Delight just released Oreo Iced Coffee — and you’re going to be sipping on this sweet treat all summer long.

The Impulsive Buy was the first to report the news that this coffee-and-cookie goodness is available to purchase, crediting a reader named Carla, who spotted it on Walmart shelves.

The website posted about the exciting find on Instagram:


We reached out to Walmart to confirm and a representative responded, saying, “Walmart launched the Iced Oreo in about 2,300 stores this week. It retails for $3.56.”

The item shows up on the Walmart website as well, though it was not available for online purchase at the time of publication. You’ll have to shop it in person instead.


According to the packaging, this is a limited-edition flavor. So you’d better stock up on this stuff while you can.

A few other people have already gotten their hands on the latest and greatest caffeinated beverage, and by the sound of the reviews, you’re going to want to try this stuff out, too.

Twitter user Freddy Rivera said his “life is complete” with this sweet new beverage:

Instagram user candyhunting gave the drink a score of 8 out of 10:

“[T]he coffee does taste like chocolate cookies, not like generic mocha. I don’t get much in the way of the creme flavor, but I’m assuming if they played up the creme flavor, it would drown out the cookie. Overall, a good take on an Oreo coffee flavor. 8/10.”


The account also noted that this can be picked up at Meijer as well as Walmart. Definitely good to know!

This isn’t the only Oreo-flavored treat to come out recently, either. SunTreeSnacks also just released Oreo cookie-coated almonds:


Between the iced coffee flavor and these almonds, you’re going to be in heaven by the time that 3 p.m. snack craving rolls around.