Guess the flavor of the new mystery Oreo and win $50,000


Instead of announcing their newest flavor, Oreo decided to mix things up a bit and keep it a secret. Instead, they’re letting customers guess the flavor for a chance to win $50,000. This is certainly one mystery worth solving!

Do you think you can guess Oreo’s mystery flavor? It’s certainly worth a shot: Best case, you win $50,000, and in the worst case scenario, you get to eat a bunch of Oreos.

Here’s how to get in on the contest. Pick up a box of the mystery Oreos, which are on shelves in stores nationwide and also available for purchase on Amazon.

According to the official rules of the sweepstakes, you have until Nov. 30 to let Nabisco know how sensitive your taste buds are. Between now and then, you’ll be allowed to enter one vote per email account per day on the Oreo Mystery website.


So, once you’ve gotten your hands on the latest limited-edition top-secret flavor and casted your vote, you’ll be in the running for that massive grand prize, along with five $10,000 prizes. It pays to be an Oreo lover!

This mystery cookies have the same appearance as a classic Oreo, but looks sure can be deceiving. According to the Junk Banter blogger, these cookies taste almost exactly like last year’s Fruity Crisp Oreos, but they’re missing the bits of fruity cereal in the center.

A lot of people online were left with a similar impression. One Twitter user wrote, “The #MysteryOREO is definitely Trix or Fruit Loops.”

But others are under the impression that this answer is too easy. Oreo would have made the flavor more difficult to guess for $50,000, right?

But the Wreckless Eating YouTube channel seemed to think the mystery cookies tasted more like the Cocoa Pebbles cereal instead of the Fruity Pebbles version.

So, the mystery is far from over. The only way to know for sure is to give these a try—and wait until the sweepstakes has ended for the official flavor announcement. An Oreo mystery is certainly the sweetest kind of suspense!

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