This is not a drill: Oreo O’s cereal will be returning to stores in June

The ’90s were a great time for a lot of things, but especially for cereal.

I still remember watching the cartoon wolf howl “Coooookie Crisp” during Saturday morning cartoons (not that my mom would ever buy those for me) and going over to my friend’s house specifically to eat junk cereals like Reese’s Puffs and Oreo O’s. Sadly, because nothing gold can stay, many of the incredible cereals of the ’90s were discontinued, probably after parents realized what was actually in them (hint: about 8 million grams of sugar per serving). But now, one old favorite is coming back: Oreo O’s are hitting the shelves in June.

Needless to say, we already bought a gallon of milk and have our favorite cereal bowl ready.

Yes, no longer will we have to rely on boxes sold on eBay or find a way to get them shipped from South Korea, where they’re still sold (with the addition of marshmallow bits!). Soon, you can just head to your local grocery store and score a box or five.

According to a statement from an Oreo spokesperson, “Fans of the iconic OREO O’s cereal will find the product has stayed true to its roots, with OREO cookie bits and a crème coating combined to make the chocolaty, crunchy O’s that can be enjoyed in a bowl with milk, or straight out of the box.”

My mouth is already watering, remembering the delicious, slightly chalky taste of the O’s and the painful pleasure of the way they scraped the top of your mouth raw (much like Cap’n Crunch).

To find out where you can buy your own precious box of Oreo O’s, you can use the Post brand store locator. It will help you find stores in your area that are selling the cereal. And now that you’re an adult, you can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. We don’t recommend it, but you can do it.