Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies may be the ultimate dessert

Picky Palate

If you thought your love of desserts couldn’t grow any stronger — think again. These Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies are about to completely blow your mind.

The recipe from Picky Palate shows you how you can transform a batch of chocolate chip cookies by engulfing Oreos with the cookie dough before baking them.

Take a look at the mouthwatering video below, shared on Instagram by Picky Palate. The video shows how to mix up the chocolate chip cookie dough and how to cover the Oreos with it. The final product is both decadent and delicious!


You’ll need the classic chocolate chip cookie ingredients such as butter, light brown sugar, flour and vanilla extract to make the dough. After mixing together the ingredients, it’s time to take two balls of dough and place them on either side of an Oreo cookie. You then mash them together until you can no longer see the Oreo, and pop them in the oven. It’s that easy!

If you need a more in-depth look at how these cookies get made, this video from the Picky Palate YouTube channel will give you detailed instructions on how it’s done:

Once you’ve mastered the Oreo and chocolate chip cookie combo, you may want to branch out to create even more unique combinations.

Prefer peanut butter over chocolate chips? This recipe from Carl’s Bad Cravings will walk you through the steps to Oreo-stuffed peanut butter cookies that are also sprinkled with sea salt — a combination of any cookie lover’s dreams.

The end result looks just as tasty as it sounds:

Carl's Bad Cravings

If you’re looking to get even more creative, you can switch up the flavors and try this Oreo-stuffed peppermint cookie recipe from I Am Baker. It uses mint Oreo cookies and peppermint chocolate chip cookies to create one unforgettable dessert.

I Am Baker

Who knew Oreo cookies could be so versatile? Here’s to all of the Oreo-stuffed desserts in your future!

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