Oreo’s new Blackout Cake cookie offers chocolate-on-chocolate flavor

New Oreo Blackout Cake cookie package

Oreo is baking up a new limited-edition flavor that will be hitting store shelves in time for spring picnics.

New Oreo Blackout Cake chocolate sandwich cookies offer a crunchy take on chocolate cake. The double-layered cookies feature Oreo’s classic chocolate cookie, but instead of traditional creme, they have a layer of chocolate cake-flavored creme on top of a layer of dark chocolate cake-flavored creme.

A Nabisco spokesperson tells Simplemost the cookies will begin appearing on store shelves nationwide in April, but will only be available while supplies last.

After Oreo announced the news on Twitter, one fan mentioned that the flavor seemed similar to the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo, which was released last year alongside a toffee crunch flavor.

“I love chocolate, but this looks a lot like the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo cookie we already got, but with one less layer,” Twitter user mnmtwinz wrote. “If y’all didn’t want to release a totally new flavor, why not just bring back Blueberry Pie?”

The new flavor does indeed seem similar to the Ultimate Chocolate cookie, which had triple layer-stacked chocolate cremes. That flavor is no longer available, however, so it appears Blackout Cake may be taking its place — at least for now.

new oreos

Other Oreo flavors that are currently available include lemon, chocolate, dark chocolate, mint and Caramel Coconut, which launched in 2020. Their Birthday Cake flavor, Java Chip and Chocolate Hazlenut are also still listed on Oreo’s website.

You can also get your hands on Oreo ice cream treats, including bars, cones, sandwiches and tubs. The ice cream line launched last year and is different from the typical cookies-and-cream flavor you may have already tried, as they are made with a creme-flavored base instead of vanilla. They are also either filled or coated with Oreo cookie pieces.


Will you be grabbing a pack of Oreo’s new Blackout Cake cookies?

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