This organization makes yarn wigs for kids with cancer

For parents, it can be nothing short of heart-stopping to find out that their child has cancer. And the months of treatment that come afterward can easily turn families’ and kids’ lives upside down. One organization, however, has been giving kids with cancer something to smile about—and the Magic Yarn Project needs your help to keep brightening kids’ days.

Kids facing chemotherapy are often left with bare scalps that are too sensitive for traditional wigs, which is why two moms from Alaska started the Magic Yarn Project in 2015. The year before, mom and former nurse Holly Christensen had seen her friend’s daughter, Lily, receive a cancer diagnosis. She wanted to help out in some way, so she decided to crochet a Rapunzel-style wig for her.

“I knew that Lily would probably have a hard time losing her long, curly hair,” Christensen told TODAY Parents in 2015. “I thought this would be perfect for Lily—something that could comfortably cover her hair and something that could bring a little light into an otherwise difficult time in her life, allowing her to go back into the magical world of princesses and make-believe.”

After that first wig, Christensen never stopped, and she eventually launched the Magic Yarn Project with friend Bree Hitchcock. You can take a peek at some of the amazing work they do in our video below:

Since the Magic Yarn Project launched, the volunteer-run non-profit has now delivered over 4,734 free wigs to children with cancer, raised over $72,000 on GoFundMe and worked with over 3,500 amazing volunteers. The wigs are all hand-crafted by volunteers and funded entirely by donations of yarn and money.

“As a cancer nurse I have learned that I can’t save the world,” Christensen told Romper in 2015. She continued:

I can’t take the horrible disease away, but I can do something. I can bring some light into cancer patients’ lives and help provide a magical escape during an otherwise dark and difficult time.

To me, that seems like a pretty great cause to jump on board with. If you want to help lift kids’ spirits with the Magic Yarn Projects’ donated wigs and superhero beanies, there are several ways you can help out. If you can, donate to the project’s GoFundMe page and share the link with other friends who might want to contribute. You can also fund-raise supplies for the non-profit, make a wig or host a wig-making workshop.

After that, share information about the Magic Yarn Project’s work widely—because you never know who might need it or who may be able to help out in bringing a little more magic to kids’ lives.