Organized People Always Have These 7 Things In Their Homes

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If your house is filled with clutter on the floor, paper-strewn desks and drawers of kitchen utensils in disarray, you know how it feels to walk into someone else’s clean and organized home and feel impressed when their hallways are clear and their books are perfectly stacked in a line.

Neatly organizing your own house can seem like a chore, but if you look closely at other put-together homes, you’ll see that they’ve got some help of their own. Certain products can help make organizing easier and the task is less daunting if you’ve got all the right tools. Here are seven things organized people always have in their homes—messy people, take note!

1. Key Hooks

Nothing is worse than trying to get out the door in a rush, only to find that your keys are missing. A key hook can solve this problem. Just hang up your keys every time you enter the house, and you’ll never have to fret on your way out again.


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2. Shoe Rack

Nothing says disorganization like shoes in the middle of the rug or strewn across the living room. A simple solution? Place a shoe rack by the door, so all guests and household members can neatly stack their shoes out of the way.


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3. Shelf Dividers

Even if you do put your items away on shelves, they can still easily get cluttered. Keep your shelves organized with shelf dividers, which you can use anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom to your closet.


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4. Drawer Organizers

In addition to shelf organizers, you’ll also want to get drawer organizers, as you don’t want all of your items to get shuffled together and mixed up. These are great for the bedroom, but they can be used in all areas of the house, including the office.


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5. Trays

Neatly arranged trays can go anywhere. You can fill them with makeup on your vanity, trinkets in the living room, office supplies at your desk and even different utensils in the kitchen. They also make a good storage space for jewelry, so you don’t have to dig through a box every time you get dressed.


Amazon, $16.62

6. Labeled Boxes

Some stuff just really doesn’t belong out in the open (old tax returns and kids’ craft supplies come to mind), but sticking those items into an unlabeled box in your basement or garage will make it difficult for you when you need to retrieve them later. Instead, create a storage system with labeled boxes—there are plenty of stylish options available that will add to your room’s decor rather than create visual clutter.


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7. Filing Cabinet

Nothing screams clutter like papers all over the place, so keep them organized in a filing cabinet to not only clean up the look of your home, but for easy access when you need to reference documents later. Keep it tucked away in your closet, or find a filing system that works well in your space.


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