This Organizer Creates Space Around Small Sinks

Cherish your mirror time—without the hassle!

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Ever try to get ready in a tiny hotel bathroom? Or your house apartment just doesn’t have quite enough counter space? Well, we found the ORGO sink organizer and it just might save the day. This organizer creates space around tiny sinks, so you can stay organized and clutter free.

It’s small enough to fit in a suitcase and comes with zippered compartments that will hold your makeup, shave kit, hair brush and more.  Simply take the compact pouches and pull to spread them apart. It spans up to three feet and will fit perfectly atop even the tiniest of sinks.

Once this is open, it’s as though you’ve packed your entire vanity with you. It holds everything you need, easily. And because it’s a great way to stay organized, you won’t have to unpack your toiletries and risk leaving them behind in the hotel when you leave.

Genius, huh?

According to ORGO’s about page, the product was designed by seasoned travelers Diane and Mike, who also happen to be neat freaks. So, if you’re someone who can relate to the struggles of having space and staying tidy while traveling, well, they’ve created the perfect product for you.

The ORGO comes in a variety of colors and patterns and ranges in price from $44.99 to 69.99, depending on which stylish print you choose. You can purchase them through the product website or find them on Amazon.

Need more organizing tips?

Looking for some more space around your bathroom counter at home?  There are other organization methods you can look to. This cabinet door shelf, for instance, will surely give you back some valuable counter or cabinet space.


It retails for just $17.99 on Amazon. But, something like this isn’t necessarily ideal for when you travel.

Some other options that will fit inside your suitcase just as easily include toiletry cases meant to hang on the back of a bathroom door.


These are affordable—this one’s just $10.99—and convenient, but it still doesn’t give you the illusion of extra counter space quite like ORGO does.

So, whether you’re shopping for practical gifts for those who travel or you’re buying for yourself—you may want to consider a sink organizer before you next trip or for your own small space.