11 Original Ideas For Celebrating Easter With Kids

Easter suncatcher
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It’s fun to have Easter traditions to turn to each year, like photos with the Easter bunny, your favorite brunch recipe and the trickiest egg hiding spots in the backyard. But every now and then it’s good to add new ideas to the holiday rotation.

1. Sensory Table

It’s like your kid’s Easter basket exploded! Reuse a water table or a large bin for this Easter sensory table activity. Fill it with Easter grass or shredded paper. Bury plastic eggs, pastel-colored pom-poms, fuzzy chicks, and other fun, cheap and small items in the grass. Then let your kids search for their treats. You can add some empty egg cartons for your kids to scoop into. Or have them hide items they find in plastic eggs.

Easter sensory table
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2. Cascarones (Confetti Eggs)

Adopt the Mexican tradition of cascarones, filling empty eggs with confetti for Easter, then cracking them on someone’s head. To make them, poke a hole in each egg, drain, rinse, dye and decorate. Then fill each with confetti. You can make your own confetti by hole-punching colored paper or just buy some pre-made (you can get a bag of glitter confetti on Amazon for less than $10). Cracking the confetti eggs on someone else’s head is for good luck and good wishes. And the colorful mess will make your kids crack up too.

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3. Hide A Golden Egg

For your more jaded, older kids, hide one golden egg filled with particularly coveted loot (cash or gift cards perhaps?), and make it extra hard to find. You could require them to solve clues or otherwise turn it into a scavenger hunt.

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4. Make Bunny Eggs for Breakfast

Dress up your scrambled eggs for Easter brunch with bacon ears, banana and blueberry eyes, a raspberry nose and string cheese whiskers. Or whatever other fun combinations you can think of.

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon for Easter
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5. Peeps Place Card Holders

Use bunny Peeps or chick Peeps as unique place card holders. Cut off part of the bottom to better stick them to a surface for balance. Your kids can help spear the marshmallow animals and decorate the place cards.

Peeps bunnies

6. Toddler Egg Hunt With Balloons

For the youngest egg hunt searchers, you can tie balloons to eggs to help them more easily find their prizes. The balloons will be almost as exciting as the eggs if not more.

Easter egg hunt with balloons
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7. Crystal Eggs

Add some science experimentation to this Easter activity. Help your kids grow their own crystals on pipe cleaners shaped like decorated eggs just like you grew crystal gardens in elementary school.

Easter crystal eggs
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8. “Carrot” Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

If we were the Easter bunny, we’d rather have these chocolate-dipped strawberries that look like carrots over the real vegetable. Bonus: you can make cookie dirt to set them on.

Carrot chocolate strawberries
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9. Tissue Paper Suncatchers

Tissue paper suncatchers in cute Easter shapes are a simple but unexpected craft you can do with your kids.

Easter suncatcher
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10. Unique Egg Decorations

Looking for some new ideas for fun egg decorating? How about turning them into little pineapples? Or using non-toxic white paint on natural brown eggs.

Pineapple Easter eggs
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11. DIY Easter Bonnet

When you’re looking for an “Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it” why not turn it into a craft with your kids? You can use basic hats and add decorations or turn a paper plate into your hat base.

Easter bonnets

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