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An Original Frank Lloyd Wright House Is For Sale In Minnesota

Take a look inside—this house is amazing!

It also has dining chairs, lamps, and cabinet pulls created from original designs by the architect.

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And just look at these stunning views—you could hardly find a more gorgeous property, no matter what season it is.


Though $1.359 million is certainly a chunk of change, especially in Minneapolis, this might turn out to be a good investment. In 2015, some of Wright’s most famous works were nominated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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The group, which included Fallingwater, Taliesin West, and Unity Temple, was slated for later consideration, which means the properties will most likely be resubmitted this year.

Translation: if you bide your time (and with a little luck), the value of this property could skyrocket.

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But for now, it’s just a gorgeous house on a beautiful piece of land. Whether you love Frank Lloyd Wright specifically or are just an architecture buff, this is one open house you won’t want to miss.

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Enjoy this little video to get a full tour of the house: