The original My Little Pony Dolls are making a comeback

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It’s apparently been 35 years since the original My Little Pony dolls first launched. Can you believe it? In a world in which us thirty-somethings are now guiding our children through the world of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and Princess Celestia, the original My Little Ponies seem but a faint memory.

But to mark the very special anniversary of the classic toys, the Basic Fun! Company is re-releasing the original six ponies!

All six ponies—Minty, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom and Cotton Candy—are now available in Target and Toys “R” Us stores for just $10 each. According to the company’s official website, each pony comes with a comb and a mini poster:

Courtesy Basic Fun!

The My Little Pony dolls originally launched in 1983 and, before the 35th anniversary launch, you could find the original My Little Pony dolls on eBay. In fact, you still can. Purchasing from an eBay vendor would have you paying more than $10 in most cases, but hey—if you want to get your hands on a collectible, it may be worth it to you:


Now, it may not be the ’80s anymore, but that doesn’t mean the My Little Pony franchise has slowed down. AT ALL. Since their debut, the ponies have evolved, sustaining a long-running TV show, appearing in movies and more. So there’s a chance your kids have been enjoying these ponies just as much as you used to.

Still, there’s nothing quite like the original.

If you compare the two different generations of ponies, the ones from the ’80s are surprisingly mild. Sure, there are still plenty of brightly-colored manes and fun cutie marks, such as four-leaf clovers and stars, but that pales in comparison to just how creative the makers of My Little Pony have become over the years. Here’s an example of a newer version just to give you an idea. Behold, Starlight Glimmer who, in an evil plot, once convinced an entire town’s worth of ponies to give up their cutie marks:

Toys "R" Us

Ahh, time changes all—even the adorable My Little Pony.

If you want your kids to get a taste of what it was like when you were growing up, it’s no longer hard. With items such as scrunchies, Polly Pocket and the original My Little Ponies becoming popular again, newer generations will get to enjoy the best of what the ’80s and ’90s had to offer!

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