4 Outdoor Plants And Flowers That Are Almost Impossible To Kill

Who doesn’t want a garden that blooms every year with beautiful flowers and plants? But if you don’t have a green thumb that can be difficult to achieve. Maybe your plants never take off at all. Or perhaps they start to grow … and then fizzle out before the season has ended — leaving you frustrated and wondering what the heck you did wrong.

Well, there’s an easier way to get a thriving garden that you can enjoy all season long. The solution? Hardy plants that are almost impossible to kill! The following four plants are so low-maintenance, you don’t need one. If I can grow them, so can you. Plant these beautiful low-maintenance blooms, and then sit back and enjoy the fruits (er, flowers) of your labor!


1. Geraniums

We see them everywhere we go, from garden nurseries to local drugstores: geraniums. And, rightfully so, since they’re quite easy to take care of, whether you plant them in a flowerbed or container garden.

Unlike some other plants, geraniums actually like warm to cool weather (i.e.,  below 70 degrees). Plus, even when the weather starts to turn, geraniums usually keep blooming past the first frost.

geraniums photo
Photo by jennafa

2. Begonias

Not only are begonias super easy to grow, but there’s also a ton of different kinds out there — over 6,000 varieties. Unlike geraniums, they don’t like the frost and will need to be brought indoors when the weather turns cold.

Even before the frost comes, begonias can grow indoors, too. Inside or out, you can put begonias in hanging baskets, containers, or flowerbeds. Tip: They’re not picky — they like the sun and the shade.

begonias photo
Photo by greeblie

3. Lavender

There are various forms of lavender, but good news: No matter which you choose, it’s easy to grow! For instance, the grosso variety is great for drying, while the provence version produces fragrant flowers that make for a “good hedge plant” (and it also dries well).

Plus, lavender likes the sun and doesn’t need to be watered a lot (in fact, wait until the soil is about dry). And it’s medicinal and can be used for everything from relieving allergy symptoms to helping you sleep.

begonias photo
Photo by kath.zinn

4. Snapdragons

Yep, these flowers look like little dragon heads when you squeeze their mouths. And they’re a breeze to grow. Snapdragons love the sun, so keep that in mind, though too much heat will prohibit them from flowering.

The best solution? Some shade in sunny and hot climates. Note: They also love drinking water regularly. And when the first frost comes, it’s not their friend.

snapdragons photo
Photo by rist2796

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