These Outlet Shelves Might Just Change Your Life


Get ready to upgrade your technology storage situation once and for all. This outlet shelf is the storage hack you never knew you needed, and it’s sure to help you clear some counter space in no time.

The ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf sits right on top of the outlet in your bathroom, kitchen, living room — or any room in your home, really. It’s intended to be a storage space for your electronics such as a bluetooth speaker, Amazon Echo, or place to charge your phone. It holds up to 10 pounds of weight, so you could also place it in the bathroom and use it to hold electric toothbrushes. Use it in a way that works for you!

The shelf is available for just $16.99 on Amazon.

Once installed into the outlet, the shelf will look like this:

The installation process is pretty simple. All you have to do is remove your current outlet cover and replace it with the outlet cover that comes attached to the shelf:


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There’s space for charging cables to reach from the outlet through the shelf, so you’ll be able to easily charge your iPhone, electric toothbrushes, oral irrigator or whatever electronic device you place on the shelf.

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You can’t beat multi-purpose storage options like these. Whether you add shelves to your outlets or place charging docks with extra room for holding things all throughout your home, your space is about to get more organized.

Let the decluttering begin!

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