The most outrageous food items sold at sports stadiums

Unfortunately, sometimes the food and entertainment at your favorite team’s home stadium is better than the actual play on the field. That’s especially true when your team’s venue offers a 2-pound chicken tender that’s placed upon a bed of waffle fries. I mean, even the Murderers’ Row Yankees couldn’t compete with that kind of extra-baseball activity happening in their stadium.

Today, it seems like stadiums across all sports are constantly trying to outdo one another when it comes to offering the most insane menu items for fans to chow down on during games. We looked across North America and found the most outrageous foods being sold at stadiums and arenas.

Warning: These meals are not for the faint of heart.

Fritos Pie Corn Dog (Minute Maid Park)

OK, so your dietitian isn’t going to recommend this meal, but we sure are. The Fritos Pie Corn Dog, created by the mad scientists in the kitchens at Aramark, is a serious entree that can be found at the home of MLB’s Houston Astros. Tons of stadiums offer foot-long hot dogs — we’ll see more on this list — but this bad boy is breaded with Fritos and deep fried. Then, it’s covered in melty cheese and Texas-style chili.

Aramark / Minute Maid Park

S’mores Nutella Bites (Citi Field)

The first of several incredible desserts we’re featuring on this list, this decadent treat is being sold at a stand that’s appropriately called Stuf’d, at New York’s Citi Field. The S’mores Nutella Bites feature marshmallow fluff, Nutella and chunks of dark chocolate smashed between two pieces of challah bread French toast that’s crusted with graham crackers. The whole thing is then drizzled with a maple dulce de leche syrup. Sounds like a great way to finish a Mets game!


The Fowl Pole (Globe Life Park in Arlington)

The home stadium of MLB’s Texas Rangers is well known for its insane menu items — like the infamous 2-foot long hot dog called the Boom Stick — and you can add this entree to its legend. The aptly titled Fowl Pole was introduced ahead of the 2019 baseball season and immediately stole headlines. It’s a single, immense chicken tender that weighs in at 2 pounds. As if that wasn’t enough to fill you up, the Fowl Pole is laid upon a bed of waffle fries. It costs $27.50 and is so worth it.

Delaware North

Cotton Candy Waffle Cone (KeyBank Center)

OK, this looks absolutely incredible. In 2017, KeyBank Center, the home ice of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, introduced this dessert that mixes ice cream, cotton candy and regular candy. The Cotton Candy Waffle Cone features a massive swirl of ice cream inside a waffle cone that’s wrapped in delicious cotton candy. The whole treat is then dusted with Pop Rocks! It may not look like it in the photo, but we swear there’s a waffle cone under there somewhere.


Smoked Short Rib (Nationals Park)

This bad boy looks like what Fred Flintstone had mounted on the side of his car at the beginning of “The Flintstones.” At the Old Hickory BBQ stand inside Washington’s Nationals Park, fans can pick up a massive slab of bone-in smoked short ribs. This dish weighs more than 2 pounds and will make you feel more like a medieval king at a jousting match than a regular fan at a baseball game.

Levy Restaurants

DMV Super Burrito (FedEx Field)

Pretty much everyone loves a good, hefty burrito. But the NFL’s Washington Redskins takes it to another level. The DMV Super Burrito — named for the area of D.C., Maryland and Virginia — weighs in at a full 3 pounds, making it perfect to soak up all those adult beverages you’ve had after a day of tailgating. Included in this massive burrito are beef, chicken, sausage, Spanish rice, avocado and black bean salsa, among other veggies. We may have named FedEx Field as the worst NFL stadium to visit, but the DMV Super Burrito improves its standing a bit.

Garrett Campbell/Washington Redskins

Apple Pie Egg Rolls (Comerica Park)

Another sweet treat that’s been found on the menu at a baseball stadium are these Chinese-inspired treats at Detroit’s Comerica Park. These Apple Pie Egg Rolls, crafted by Delaware North, are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They feature a classic wonton loaded with apple pie filling before being dusted with cinnamon sugar. Perhaps the best part is that because they don’t look like a dessert, the people you’re with probably won’t ask you to share!

Delaware North

Jumbo Jet Dog (Bell MTS Place)

These are an absolute classic when it comes to stadium foods. The Jumbo Jet Dogs have been a staple of Winnipeg Jets games for years and are still being dished out constantly at Bell MTS Place. These massive hot dogs can be topped with classic options like ketchup, mustard and relish — but you can go the extra mile and add pierogi pieces, bacon, chili or nacho cheese to make it truly memorable. These beloved treats are made by the chefs at Centerplate.


Cinnamon Chipotle Loaded Totchos (PNC Park)

If you love tots (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll be in for a serious treat at several MLB stadiums. There are new versions of loaded tots popping up at ballparks across North America, including these beauties in at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. These Cinnamon Chipotle Loaded Totchos come in a souvenir batting helmet and include cinnamon-spiced tots, pulled pork, red onions, scallions and spicy chipotle maple syrup drizzled on top. Food items like this are just another reason why we ranked PNC Park as one of MLB’s best stadiums to catch a game.


Shishito Peppers With Queso (Coors Field)

So this item isn’t quite as imposing as others on our list, but we wanted to include it because it’s original and it just seems super-fancy for baseball. Rather than your typical ballpark nachos, Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, offers fans Shishito Peppers with Queso. These Japanese peppers are not known to be too spicy, so you won’t need to sign a waiver before digging in. Oh, and the queso is also loaded with chorizo sausage and red onions.


LBLT (Fenway Park)

When you catch a game at Fenway Park, you’ve got to expect some fresh seafood on the menu. Just in time for the 2019 season, Aramark introduced a creative way to add lobster to your diet by tossing it onto a BLT. The LBLT is exactly what it sounds like: a classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with some fresh lobster thrown in. The whole sandwich is stacked between two toasted buns. As if you needed another reason to visit that cathedral of baseball.


The Flamethrower (Progressive Field)

Ahead of the 2018 Cleveland Indians season, the chefs at Delaware North put together an impressive looking sandwich called The Flamethrower. This mouthful is a pulled pork sandwich that’s packed with pork belly, green apple slaw and Flaming Hot Cheetos for an extra spicy crunch. The meats are all smothered in chipotle barbecue sauce and bacon jam. Who doesn’t love adding chips to a sandwich?

Delaware North

Pittsburgh Cone (PNC Park)

PNC Park has tons of great food to keep Pirates fans happy even during the dullest of games. One of the new items Aramark introduced at the yard in 2019 was the Pittsburgh Cone. This waffle cone-based entree is filled with favorites from the Steel City, including pierogi, kielbasa, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Another plus is that the cone makes it easy to hold in one hand while you keep a beer in the other!


Ultimate Vegetarian Burger (Rogers Centre)

That looks like a delicious, meaty hamburger, right? This massive sandwich actually contains no meat at all. The Ultimate Vegetarian Burger was introduced to fans at Toronto Blue Jays games in 2019 and has to be a favorite of herbivores who love baseball. It’s made of a grilled vegan patty that’s topped with fried avocado, lettuce, tomato, slaw and garlic aioli all smashed between a potato bun.


The Going Yard Dog (Dodger Stadium)

When it comes to stadium food, the Dodger Dog is about as classic as it gets. Dodger Stadium decided to take its beloved hot dog offerings up several notches with the Going Yard Dog, which was introduced during the 2018 MLB Playoffs. This entree is a 16.5-inch long jalapeño-cheddar-bacon sausage that is topped with sour cream, grilled onions and a relish made of avocado and corn. It’ll cost you $21, so you might want to split it with a friend. But, then again, maybe not.

Levy Restaurants

Cinnamon Bun Grilled Cheese (Bell MTS Place)

Manitoba’s Bell MTS Place, home of the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets, is home to some pretty outstanding stadium food — some of which we’ll get to in a bit. If you’re in the mood for something sweet with a twist, why not try this mashup of a cinnamon bun and grilled cheese? The Cinnamon Bun Grilled Cheese, concocted by the brave chefs at Centerplate, is exactly what it sounds like. A big, glazed cinnamon bun is cut in half horizontally and a slice of cheese is put right in the middle. Sounds like the perfect boost to get you through that third period.


Brisket Topped Tots (Kauffman Stadium)

Another amazing tater-tot creation that debuted in 2019, are these savory, loaded beauties that are being served at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium. Brisket Topped Tots are tots covered with smoked beef brisket, white queso, green onions and barbecue sauce. If you’re someone who loves barbecue, Kauffman Stadium should be at the top of your list of dream field trips because its concession stands are brimming with outstanding barbecue options!


32 Ingredient Salad (Rogers Centre)

Can you even think of 32 ingredients that could go into a salad? This has to be the ultimate salad offered at any stadium in North America. The 32 Ingredient Salad at Toronto’s Rogers Centre is vegan and gluten-free, which makes its ridiculous tally of fillings even more impressive. Brussels sprouts, green cabbage, butternut squash, pomegranate seeds and orange juice are among the ingredients packed into it.


Vegetarian BLT (StubHub Center)

Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t have an awe-inspiring meal at a stadium. Venues across the continent have been rolling out vegetarian and vegan-friendly items that are every bit as mouth-watering as their meat-filled counterparts. For instance, the StubHub Center, the temporary home of the Los Angeles Chargers, has a Vegetarian BLT that looks like a meatless monster. Obviously, the lettuce and tomato are cool, but the “B” comes from roasted beets! That looks like some serious artisanal bread as well.

Levy Restaurants

KuKu Fries (T-Mobile Park)

One of the more colorful items you’ll find at a stadium in 2019 are KuKu Fries, which are sold at Seattle Mariners games. This dish was inspired by the team’s Japanese star pitcher, Yusei Kikuchi, and it includes crispy fries topped with Japanese seasoning, red tobiko, chili sauce, horseradish cream and chives. This sounds as delicious as it looks and the name is fun to say. What’s not to like?


Churro Ice Cream Sandwich (Citi Field)

Citi Field, home of the MLB’s New York Mets, has a lot of great food choices for fans to consider. One of them is a churro stand called Dulcinea, an ice cream sandwich that’s made with two cinnamon-packed churros as the buns. These Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches can also come with rainbow sprinkles or crushed Oreos, if that wasn’t enough sweetness for you already.


Donut Burger (Citizens Bank Park)

When you’re taking in a game in Philadelphia, it’s obviously advised to go with a cheesesteak sandwich. But if you’re looking for something new next time you’re at a Phillies game, check out this savory/sweet Donut Burger. Crafted by the chefs at Aramark, the Donut Burger at Citizens Bank Park has a juicy burger smashed between a glazed doughnut, topped with American cheese, applewood smoked bacon and a cherry-pepper jam that’s slightly spicy.


Prime Rib Steak Sandwich (Minute Maid Park)

This is one beautiful sandwich — and it’s sold at one of MLB’s most beautiful parks. The Prime Rib Steak Sandwich was introduced at Houston’s Minute Maid Park ahead of Opening Day 2019, and let’s hope it sticks around. This sandwich contains a thick cut of prime rib and is covered in caramelized onions and a drizzle of horseradish sauce. You know how the saying goes: when in Texas, eat an entire cow!


Parmageddon (Progressive Field)

If you’re in Cleveland for some fall baseball, you’ll have to grab this seasonal menu item from Progressive Field. The Parmageddon sandwich, sold by the geniuses at Melt Bar & Grilled, was actually chosen as the best food item from all MLB stadiums in 2016, according to Ballpark Digest. This bad boy is a grilled cheese sandwich that’s packed with potato-onion pierogi, sautéed onions and Napa vodka sauerkraut. It’s a heavy sandwich that will warm you up on those chilly Cleveland nights by Lake Erie.

Melt Bar and Grilled

Cereal-Crusted Pretzel (Marlins Park)

Miami’s Marlins Park has been home to some truly creative foods in the few years it’s been open, including a fluffernutter melt sandwich that was offered during the 2018 season. For 2019, the stadium rolled out more new options, including a snack that’s as colorful as the city it’s sold in. These Cereal-Crusted Pretzels are a great way to dress up a ballpark classic that could be a bit boring. These hand-rolled pretzels are crusted with a choice of sweet cereals that includes Fruity Pebbles and Cap’n Crunch.

Marlins Park

Churro Dog (Chase Field)

In 2015, the geniuses behind the scenes at Chase Field, home of MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks, came up with a brilliant new dessert that continues to be a favorite. The Churro Dog is essentially the sweetest hot dog you’ve ever had. Instead of a bun, it is a chocolate-covered long john doughnut that’s cut lengthwise, and instead of a hot dog, it’s filled with a big churro. On top of that is some frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauce. The team showed off the treat on its official Twitter page. Excuse me while I book a flight to Phoenix.

Toasted Grasshoppers (T-Mobile Park)

While I’m dying to try most of the items on this list, this is one that would give me a little more pause. Toasted Grasshoppers have been offered at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park since 2017 — where they’ve been a massive hit with fans. The dish consists simply of a bowl or taco full of those crunchy insects. The dish is sold by a vendor who offers Mexican food, and the stand sells out of the dish routinely. Would you chow down on some toasted grasshoppers? The Instagram page T-Mobile Park Foodie called them “a hit.”

Double Play Bloody Mary (Target Field)

Drinking can be a major part of going to any sporting event, and the bartenders at Target Field, home of MLB’s Minnesota Twins, know how to make a good cocktail. Just check out the Double Play Bloody Mary, which is part meal and part beverage. In addition to a classic Bloody Mary, the cup is garnished with chunks of sausage and an entire bacon cheeseburger slider! The oddly specific Instagram page @BloodyMarysOfMN said it is a “masterpiece” and “a true meal in a glass.”

Colorado Stack (Pepsi Center)

Hockey fans in Denver were in for a serious treat at Colorado Avalanche games during the 2018-19 season. The Colorado Stack was crafted by the chefs at Levy Restaurants and it is a sight to behold. First, there’s a hand-breaded chicken sandwich topped with bacon, then on top of that is a full-size pork belly barbecue sandwich, then on top of that is a full-size tri-tip beef sandwich and, finally, a massive pickle on top of it all. So this is essentially three meals on a stick. Levy showed off its Frankenstein-like creation on Instagram when it was introduced in October 2018.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches (Oracle Park)

Dessert really is a must-have at any sporting event — and when you’re at a baseball game in the middle of summer, ice cream is the go-to treat. San Francisco Giants fans visiting Oracle Park can pick up a massive Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from the California-based ice cream company Cream. These sandwiches feature premium ice cream smashed between huge cookies and rolled in toppings like Fruity Pebbles, M&Ms or chocolate chips. Cream shared this shot of one of its treats just so you can understand how gorgeous they really are.