This Overweight Insurance Broker Transformed Himself Into A Gorgeous Male Model

Step one: Lose weight. Step two: Join a band. Step three: Grow a beard. Step four? Become a world class model. For one man, this transformation has taken a decade, but the result? Quite incredible.

In 2006, Gwilym Pugh of London, UK was a shy, insecure and out-of-shape businessman who began a successful insurance company in his spare bedroom. However, working from home—and also injuries—caused him to gain a lot of weight. After reaching 280 pounds, he decided he needed to make a serious change. Pugh began to focus on his overall well-being, and began losing weight by eating mindfully and counting his steps. He tells Business Insider that staying active is now even easier, now that he’s a full-time model.

“Coming from being 22 years old, overweight, plagued with injuries, and unhappy barely leaving the house, I’m happier and healthier than I ever thought possible and doing things that didn’t even cross my mind to dream of,” he states in the outrageous #TransformationTuesday update he posted to Instagram.

By 2013, the handsome ginger lost weight (a total of 91 pounds since starting his healthy lifestyle) and was playing in a band. The transformation was solidified after Pugh decided to take the advice of his barber and grow a beard. As he grew his beard and continued to get into shape, he began to document it all via Instagram and, from there, the rest is history!

He was officially scouted by the London agency AMCK Models and, since then, his modeling career has blown up. Today, he’s an ambassador for David Beckham’s new male grooming brand, House 99, and has been a part of major campaigns with brands that include Vans and Diesel.

According to his blog, which covers fashion, lifestyle, travel and music, since his modeling career took off and he made a move to London, he has “developed much more of an interest in fashion and styling,” adding that, “Being surrounded by such diversity and creativity is a constant source of inspiration.”

Anyone else’s jaw dropped when seeing the before and after pictures?