There are so many Owala water bottle colors at Target

Owala water bottles

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While the Stanley cup is making news for everything from surviving a fire to inspiring fights in Target, there’s another water bottle out there that might be coming for the now iconic cup’s crown: Owala.

Owala water bottles aren’t new. They’ve been around for quite some time now, but with the launch of a 40 ounce cup that’s markedly similar to the Stanley, comparisons have arisen. Some TikTok reviews have even dubbed it better than the OG cup. Now, there are expanded Owala cup colors (in all of its bottles) available at Target that might keep giving Stanley a run for its money.

Owala 40 ounce tumbler

$38 at Target


According to TikTok reviews, Owala has one major benefit over Stanley—being leak resistant. In content creators’ videos, both cups are filled with water and then held upside down. In nearly every video, the Owala only loses water through its straw where the Stanley often leaks from both the straw and lid.

Now, not only does Owala have a leg up leak wise, but its color options have also expanded. While they’re not quite as expansive as Stanley’s selection (yet), they are fairly expansive across all of the cups. So what Target Owala bottles have the most color options?

24-Ounce Owala FreeSip

Owala 24 Ounce Free Sip


$28 at Target

If you’re looking for a smaller water bottle, the 24-ounce FreeSip is a great option. The cups available at Target come in a variety of pastel, soothing hues that are begging to brighten your winter workouts or accompany you on your trek to school or the office, like this Electric Orchid option.

But keep your eye out for other shades of the Owala FreeSip at Target:

  • Pink Taupe: a brown-y pink with an orange lid and blue detailing)
  • Camel Chic: a highly pigmented burnt orange with a red lid and blue-gray accents)
  • Lilac Purple: which lives up to its name, with a lime green lid and orange mouthpiece)
  • Shark Blue: a rich marine blue with light blue and green detailing)
  • Tropical: a potent tangerine hue with a pop of pink and red on the lid and mouthpiece).

Owala 40 Ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler

$38 at Target

Target also has fun shades of the Owala 40 ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler. Shades like Pink Taupe (a mauve lover’s dream) and Whimsical Daydream (a punchy blue) are already selling out. But you can still scoop up Polar Brrr, a fittingly winter-white with a gray and lavender outline.

Owala 24 Ounce Tumbler

$28 at Target

Of course, a 40 ounce tumbler is heavy, and lugging it around full of water only makes it heavier. If you’re interested in that Stanley look but want it at a cheaper price tag and in a smaller size, the Owala 24-ounce tumbler is your best bet. Like the 24 ounce FreeSip, it comes in a wide range of colors:

  • Alpine Sport: taupe with fuchsia and mauve details
  • Black: solid black throughout
  • Electric Orchid: vibrant hot pink with purple and grey details
  • Honest: grey-toned blue with navy
  • Lime Light: neon green with an orange top and burgundy details
  • Sandy Shores: neutral pink tone with deep scarlet accents
  • Sleek: off white shade with a grey top and bright fuchsia lining
  • Tangy Tango: vibrant deep orange with pink lid and straw detailing

If you’re now officially Owala-curious, then you need to mark your calendars for the next exclusive color drops that are coming up in the next couple of months on the Owala website. These are limited-edition Owalas that will only produced in small quantities, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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