‘OwlKitty’ replaces starring roles in film favorites as only a cat could

OwlKitty's version of 'Titanic'

Meet “OwlKitty,” the cat who could possibly make a big name for herself in the film world by simply being a cat. That’s the hope, at least, for her owners, Thibault Charroppin and Olivia Boone. Their OwlKitty project replaces many starring roles in creative versions of popular film trailers with their cat Lizzy.

As the upcoming Oscars award show, set for March 27 at 8 p.m., quickly approaches, OwlKitty takes us back to some past film favorites.

In a clip shared recently, 4-year-old OwlKitty takes a ride on the Titanic as the parody film trailer shows her enjoying scenes with the film’s stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

In another parody clip, OwlKitty grows to the size of a dinosaur, scaring the guests of Jurassic Park in their SUVs during an infamous scene.

Charroppin and Boone, who are married and live in Portland, Oregon, show fans the tedious work filming Lizzy in front of a green screen, trying to get her to look in the right direction and teaching her to be a star. Charroppin says that Lizzy gets lots of treats in return for her acting skills.

The couple said that so far, OwlKitty has been in parodies of classic clips from Star Wars and Harry Potter films, “The Shining,” “50 Shades of Gray” and others. They share the clips to their Facebook and YouTube pages.

They’re raising money to support cat adoption through the sale of merchandise on their website. So far, the couple says they have raised over $4,000 to support the cause.

Boone said the couple decided to adopt a cat in 2017, and it was then that they connected with a family fostering Lizzy’s mom, who was pregnant. They witnessed the birth of Lizzy, and once she was old enough decided to give her a home.

They had to integrate Lizzy with their other cat but, eventually, the two became best friends before Lizzy’s career as online sensation “OwlKitty” began, Charroppin said.

By Douglas Jones, KOAA

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