How To Pack 100 Items Into A Tiny Carry-On [VIDEO]

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Have you ever heard someone mention packing with a smile? No, because the simple seven-letter word is one that most of us dread. Whether it’s packing for a vacation or to move, it’s safe to say that few of us actually enjoy packing.

But fear no more, the master of packing is here. Rachel Grant (a TV host and former Bond Girl) has tips on how to fit everything you need into a tiny (emphasis on tiny) carry-on bag.

Rachel Grant

Watch Grant pack 100 items into a carry-on in this video for Biaggi Luggage, then tell me she doesn’t deserve a gold medal for packing. With the help of ziploc bags, rubber bands and packing cubes, Grant fits everything—including clothes, shoes and toiletries—into a carry-on without breaking a sweat.

[youtube id=”sOC9oe_n70A”]

Grant takes us step-by-step while packing 23 items of clothing from the rack, accessories, shoes and other items on the bed. Some of her tips include:

1. Roll clothing to save space, then keep them organized and condensed in Ziploc bags or these nifty packing cubes, which you can purchase on Amazon for $29.99.


2. Opt for lightweight clothing, as it will give you more space and a lighter bag.

3. Stuff socks inside shoes to save room and help them keep their shape. Grant then uses rubber bands to keep the shoes compressed and together.


4. Load your suitcase with heavier items on the bottom and lighter things on top.

If Grant can get 100 items into a carry-on than so can you!

And if you’re inspired, we have even more expert-level packing tips from Jill Paider, author of “Carry-On Only: Confessions from 100 Countries.”

Jill Paider

Having traveled extensively for her work as a visual storyteller, Paider has learned to make the most of a carry-on bag. Paider says she starts the packing process by making a list of everything she will need, including toiletries. She recommends focusing on outerwear because that is what people see the most when you’re traveling.

Paider also rolls clothes rather than folding to save space in her suitcase. She says not to waste any space on shoes that aren’t comfortable enough to walk around in (because that’s usually what you’ll be doing when you travel!).

flat shoes photo
Flickr | Simeon Berg

And, of course, the actual suitcase you use can make a difference in how much you’re able to fit inside. Paider’s go-to luggage includes a hard-sided carry-on from Calpak and a Samsonite Underseat Bag.

This Samsonite underseater is currently available for $140 on the company’s website.




Now that you’re one step closer to becoming a master-packer, sounds like it’s time to plan a vacation!

[h/t: HelloGiggles]

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