Nike Has Soul When They Create Flyease For Teenager With Cerebral Palsy

Warning: Get ready to cry (but in a very good way). At some point, it seems all teenage boys want a pair of Nikes, but 16-year-old Matthew Walzer is different. He has cerebral palsy and, though he may have wanted some Nikes, he couldn’t tie them himself. So, a few years ago, he wrote to the company.

Here are some excerpts from his letter:

…I have overcome many challenges in my life. Although doctors from the country’s top hospitals told my parents that I would never walk; and if I ever talked I would have a major lisp, these diagnoses proved to be false, I walk somewhat independently around my home and use crutches when I’m out or at school…

…Out of all the challenges I have overcome in my life, there is one that I am still trying to master, tying my shoes. Cerebral palsy stiffens the muscles in the body. As a result I have flexibility in only one of my hands which makes it impossible for me to tie my shoes. My dream is to go to the college of my choice without having to worry about someone coming to tie my shoes every day.

I’ve worn Nike basketball shoes all my life. I can only wear this type of shoe because I need ankle support to walk. I am currently wearing the Lunar hyper gamer and LeBron Zoom Soldier 6’s. At 16 years old, I am able to completely dress myself, but my parents still have to tie my shoes. As a teenager who is striving to become totally self-sufficient, I find this extremely frustrating, and at times, embarrassing…

…If Nike would design and produce basketball and running shoes with moderate support and some kind of closure system that could be used by everyone, Nike could create a shoe line that attracts people that face the same physical challenges I did and still do, yet it could still be possible for anyone to wear them. I am always searching the web for any type of shoe brand that makes athletic shoes that provide good support, are self-lacing and are made for everyday wear or for playing sports…

…This letter is not a business proposal. I am simply making you aware that there is a need for this type of athletic shoe, a great need. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. No matter what challenges I’ve faced in my life, I’ve always strived to be independent, independence is for everyone.

Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, gave the letter to Tobie Hatfield, senior director of athlete innovation, and the shoe-designing journey began.

The (laceless) LeBron Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease provides an effortless way to put on the shoes and has the support Walzer was concerned about. The wearer of the shoe can use one hand to use the zipper. It may look like a slip-on shoe, but it wraps around the back.


Make This Vinaigrette And Never Buy The Bottled Stuff Again

Ever since I made this super tasty vinaigrette I’ve never had to grab a bottle at the supermarket. The store-bought stuff is full of high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives and other junk. But this stuff is like liquid gold.

All you need are shallots, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, mustard, salt and pepper. Jam it all into a mason jar, screw on the lid and shake it up. Presto, amazing salad dressing with simple ingredients and no fuss.


  1. 1 Shallot Finely Minced
  2. 1/2 Cup Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  3. 1 Cup Olive Oil
  4. Small Handful of Freshly Chopped Parsley
  5. Tablespoon Honey
  6. Spoonful of Mustard (Djon, Course Ground, etc)
  7. Pinch of Salt and Pepper


  1. Add minced shallot to mason jar
  2. Add lemon juice
  3. Mix the two and let sit for 30 minutes in the mason jar
  4. After set, add olive oil
  5. Add some parsley  (doesn’t have to be exact)
  6. Add a tablespoon of honey (doesn’t have to be exact)
  7. Add mustard
  8. Add salt / pepper
  9. Put on lid and shake

For a full video on the steps and instructions, click here.

(h/t Southern Living)

See The Entire Pacific Crest Trail In Just 3 Minutes

[youtube id=”styiDn7YKhE”]

The Pacific Crest Trail (or PCT for short) is an absolutely stunning trail that goes all the way from Southern California to British Columbia in Canada. Most recently profiled in the Reese Witherspoon vehicle “Wild” (2014), the PCT hews closely to the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade mountains.

The views are stunning and the scenery is magnificent, but the trail can take 5 months to complete on foot. Luckily for us, the wonderful folks at Halfway Anywhere put together this excellent video that allows all of us schlubs to hit this beautiful American gem in just over 3 minutes.

Photo by MiguelVieira

Amazing Orangutan Reaction To Pregnant Woman’s Belly

Orangutans are known for their maternal instincts, with infants being completely dependent on their mothers for their first two years.

In this video, Jay Clarke and his partner are visiting the Colchester Zoo in Britain. The Orangutan notices the woman’s pregnant belly and kisses the glass.

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According to Mr. Clarke, “Me and my 37 week pregnant partner visited Colchester Zoo on 13/07/2015 and was amazed when we visited Rajang the Orangutan that very quickly become fixated with her belly as she is heavily pregnant and before long he was trying to kiss my partners belly through the glass.”


Incredible stuff.