Painting Your House These Colors Can Make You Happier And More Relaxed

We all know that the way we decorate our home can do a lot for the general ambiance and feel of our living space. When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming abode, we try to put nice paintings on the wall, keep our space clean, and fill it up with furniture and decor that makes us feel comfortable.

However, one aspect of home decor may be more important than the rest: color. Although choosing the right color scheme is definitely a part of deciding how our rooms are decorated, color can do more than just provide the right aesthetic.

Different colors can elicit different emotional states, so knowing the basics behind color psychology can help you create a room that brings out the right type of mood.

Here are some ways you can use color therapy in your home to help you feel happier, more productive, and more relaxed.

1. Entryway: Yellow

yellow entryway photo
Photo by Jennie Robinson Faber

You want guests to get a good impression when they enter the house, and yellow not only provides bright cheeriness, but it also is good for widening up small spaces. Yellow is also a signifier of knowledge of intellect, so if you want to seem smarter, you know what color to use.

2. Living Room: Light Green Or Orange

If you want your living room to be more tranquil, go for a light green, as it has a relaxing effect. If you’re looking for a more playful or energetic vibe, go for orange, which is more stimulating, but still welcoming.

green living room photo
Photo by urbaneapts

3. Kitchen: Red, Blue Or Purple

If you enjoy a high energy kitchen, consider adding in some red accents. The color red is known to stimulate appetite, so don’t be surprised if all that hustle and bustle yields some nibblers. However, if you prefer your kitchen to be a tranquil escape, go for a more soothing pastel such as light blue or purple.

pastel kitchen photo
Photo by Gouble Dus

4. Dining Room: Purple

Most people like their dining room to evoke a sense of luxury, and purple is the color for that. Violet shades are associated with royalty and sophistication, so opt for purple accents or a softer lavender tone if you want something less stimulating.

purple room photo
Photo by Javcon117*

5. Bathroom: Blue Or Gray

You generally want a bathroom to have a calm or neutral feel, so go for light blues or gray, which can evoke emotions of neutrality or hibernation.

blue bathroom photo
Photo by wwarby

6. Bedroom: Cool Blue Or Red

The color of your bedroom is important, as you spend a lot of time in this part of your home. Cool blues are often a good choice, as they are calm, tranquil, and aid in concentration. If you want more romance in the bedroom, consider rose-colored walls, as red is a stimulating color of passion.

blue bedroom photo
Photo by trec_lit

7. Office: Neutrals

We want our office to be a space of inspiration and focus, so color is important. Red is too stimulating and angering, and white can be too sterile and hospital-like, so go for a soft neutral for a calming tone that also keeps you on track.

home office photo
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Photo by homestilo