Watch How These Benches Turn Into A Picnic Table

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If you’re thinking ahead to spring, there’s a bench/table hybrid you’re going to want for your yard or deck—and it’s flipping awesome!

The company Premiere Products took two average-looking benches and decided they could be converted into a single picnic table that any family could enjoy.

How It Works

The Convert-A-Bench is pretty simple. Two 5-foot benches flip over and turn into one picnic table. The backs of the benches are attached with hinges that you easily fold over, connecting the tops of the benches to create the table top. Check out this video to see how it works!

But you don’t have to have two benches. Just one bench can be converted into something that resembles more of a desk or workspace. It gives people who work from home the perfect excuse to get out of the house and into the sun while they continue to work on their laptops.

According to Amazon, it’s quick and easy to assemble, you can put the benches on any patio, porch or balcony and you can also use it indoors (this clever piece of furniture could work in a playroom, craft room or basement). Premiere Products claims the benches are weather resistant and very easy to clean.

Premiere Products

What’s The Cost?

The bench we found on Amazon starts at about $108 for Prime members. Remember, if you want the full picnic table you’ll have to order two (so the full table would cost a little over $200). The same product was about $128 on ebay.

To find a dealer near you, Premiere Products says to call 1-800-508-2253. You can also buy customized cushions and pillows on its website starting at about $29 for one bench.

Premiere Products

The Reviews

A vast majority of customers gave the Convert-A-Bench a five-star rating on Amazon. One customer said, “They are sturdy. They stay clean, and can be easily wiped or sprayed off.”

Most Amazon customers rave about how easy the benches are to use. We’re sold!