Pampas grass Christmas trees are a versatile new decor trend

pampas grass christmas tree

From white Christmas trees to black Christmas trees to rainbow Christmas trees, the way we choose to make merry is ever-evolving. And the latest way we are choosing to spruce up our spruces? Pampas grass Christmas trees!

Pampas grass is a flowering plant that is native to South America. In recent years, pampas grass has become very popular in home decor. From light tan to white to soft rosy pink, this botanical comes in many shades to match any setup.

In a 2018 interview with “Today,” interior designer Tyler Wisler sung the praises of this trend.

“It’s both fluffy and visually textural, soft but architectural,” said Wisler. “It checks a lot of boxes with one stalk of grass. You get a lot of bang for your buck.”

Modern interior design of pampas grass and a cozy sofa

Pampas grass has only grown exponentially in popularity since then, particularly when used as an accent for special occasions like weddings. So it’s only natural that we are now seeing pampas grass being used in holiday decor as well.

And beautiful images of pampas grass Christmas trees that have popped up on Instagram and Pinterest have certainly been helping to fuel this trend. It’s not just that these trees are so beautiful and unique, but pampas grass Christmas trees also feel more natural and suitable for our home decor.

As many people have hopped on the monochrome, muted decorating trend, these minimal trees feel much more complementary to that style as opposed to more flashy Christmas tree styles. Pampas grass Christmas trees perfectly suit rustic farmhouse decor as they feel so homey and non-fussy.

A mini pampas Christmas tree in a basket

Where To Find A Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

While you probably won’t find these modern answers to the classic fir at your typical Christmas tree lot, you can find them at convenient places like Walmart. For example, check out the option pictured above: a 48-inch mini pampas Christmas tree that’s seated in a basket. It’s $59 on and would make a lovely addition to your Christmas tablescape or mantle above the stockings.

If you want a full-size pampas tree, it’s actually not too tough to create your own. Some DIY videos, including the one below from Florist University on Facebook, show pampas grass branches being stuck into what looks like the base of a normal artificial tree. While others, like a tutorial we like from the blog Cuckoo4Design, have used tall styrofoam cones as the base for a similar effect.

If making an entire tree out of pampas grass sounds too tough, you can still get in on this holiday decor trend by making a wreath from it.

Check out this YouTube video from Ashlyn Carter, which walks you through the steps of creating a pampas grass Christmas wreath for your holiday setup:

We also love the idea of creating a pampas grass “cloud” to add to our holiday decor.

Luke Arthur Wells shows you how with the Youtube video below. This festive and fluffy conversation piece can hang over your holiday table or would look beautiful in your entryway. Since pampas grass is a natural, simple decor item, it is versatile enough to be used in many different ways.

If you are worried about your pampas grass shedding, experts advise spraying them with a bit of hairspray to help keep the grass as intact as possible.

Although pampas grass is not cheap (prices vary depending on the height, size and color, but a single large stem costs around $25 at World Market), the good news is that once Christmas is over, you can still get use out of it. Unlike evergreen garlands or tinsel, which only really work for the holiday season, pampas grass can easily be incorporated into your home decor long after Santa has returned to the North Pole.

Just take the grass out of your Christmas tree or wreath and stick in a vase, or even create a piece of decor with your stalks, as Hirsch + Timber models here in an item you can actually buy for $50.

Hirsch + Timber

Do you like the idea of pampas grass Christmas decorations, or are you a stickler for tradition? However you choose to deck the halls, here’s to a magical holiday season!

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