This Quirky Hammock Doubles As A Soccer Goal

Agota Rimsaite |

Rock yourself into relaxation or partake in a fun game of soccer—it can be your choice with the Panama Banana!

Wait. What?

Designed by a young Lithuanian industrial design student, the Panama Banana is a multi-functional work of art. This piece of furniture serves as a rocking hammock but, when the mood strikes, all you have to do is flip the product on its side and it also functions as a goal for catching soccer balls.

Panama Banana
Agota Rimsaite |

Made of bright pink polyester straps that are cross-woven into arched wood strips, the product is lightweight so it can easily be transported to the beach. But if you want to use it in your backyard, that’s cool too.

The woman behind the design, Agota Rimsaite, is a student in her last year of schooling at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Rimsaite explains that she wanted to create furniture for active days at the beach, which is why she combined a product that would serve someone who wants to play sports but also take breaks to rest. She writes that her design was inspired by the shape of a surfboard, so that it would blend well into a natural beach environment.

She also says that, in order to get the Panama Banana to where it is today, she had to experiment with a wide variety of different rope textures that would help it maintain its stable shape.

While it may appear to be a bit too bulky for carrying to and from the beach and your car, don’t fret. By simply removing the fabric strips, the Panama Banana can fold flat.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the product on the market yet, since it was designed for a school project. But you never know. Maybe a company will pick up Rimsaite’s design and take the awesome Panama Banana from concept to reality! Hint, hint. Anyone?

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