Panera now has high-demand grocery items for delivery and pick-up


As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the country, it’s still difficult to find basic necessities at many grocery stores. Shelves are sometimes empty or low on things like milk, bread and even fresh produce.

In an effort to help anyone unable to find some of the high-demand items, or for anyone wanting to skip a trip to the store, Panera Bread has launched a new service that will let you purchase products from them either alone or along with their lunch or dinner order.

Panera’s new Panera Grocery will allow you to add milk, yogurt, fruit, vegetables and multiple kinds of bread to your online order. Just select “Panera Grocery” in the Panera app or on the website, or find Panera Grocery items on Grubhub and add the items to your order.


You’ll find 2% and skim milk, Greek and kids’ yogurt, blueberries, red grapes, apples, avocadoes and tomatoes, plus loaves of bread, baguettes and bagel packs.

Items may vary based on the stock at individual stores, and there are limits to how many you can buy. You can get your order several ways through Panera’s site, including contactless delivery, rapid pick-up, drive-up and drive-thru, and via contact-free delivery through Grubhub.

“From limited choices on grocery shelves to the growing need to limit the number of trips outside of the home, it is an incredibly stressful time when it comes to putting wholesome food on the table, and we knew Panera could help,” Panera CEO Niren Chaudhary said in a press release.  “With this new service we can help deliver good food and fresh ingredients from our pantry to yours, helping provide better access to essential items that are increasingly harder to come by.”

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Prices are the same at all Panera locations for certain items, like milk, but prices vary for things like bread. Whether the prices are lower, higher or the same as your local grocery store will depend on where you live.

I went through the steps or creating an order and they are definitely different at my local Panera than my grocery store, with some items being higher and some being lower.

A 2% gallon of milk, for example, is listed as $2.29 in my grocery store’s app, but is $4.99 at Panera. A 6-ounce container of blueberries is $3.99 at my grocery store and $2.99 at Panera. An order of 13 bagels is just $6.99, or about 53 cents per bagel, which is cheaper than a standard six-pack of bagels at my grocery store.


Have you been having a difficult time finding certain items at your local grocery store?

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