Papa John’s is adding a chicken and waffles pizza to its menu

Papa John's

If there’s one food that can taste different every time you have it, it’s pizza. From the dough and sauce to the toppings, there is basically an endless combination of flavors to be had from this single dish. Even so, odds are that you’ll still end up with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese before you start loading on the extras.

That is, unless you have a specialty version that defies all you know about pizza. That includes Papa John’s latest creation: a pizza that tastes like hot honey, chicken and waffles!

This latest creation comes after Papa John’s held a poll asking pizza lovers to choose the chain’s next specialty pie. More than 52,000 votes were cast and 70 percent of the final vote went to hot honey chicken & waffles. Other choices included huevos rancheros, the roast and the un-pizza, which doesn’t have dough. Huevos rancheros, which had chorizo, eggs, onions, tomatoes, cheese and ranchero sauce, was the runner-up.

As for the winner, the hot honey chicken & waffles pizza comes with crispy chicken, waffle crumbles, bacon, cheese and a drizzle of spicy honey. Availability and pricing will vary by location.

The pizza maker announced the exciting news on Twitter and said it’s expected to hit menus later this year.

This is far from the first time Papa John’s has ventured into specialty pizzas. Currently on the menu, you’ll find a Philly cheesesteak pizza, a Hawaiian BBQ chicken and a spinach Alfredo. The chain also brought back its double cheeseburger pizza in December and created a special Jack-O-Lantern pizza for Halloween and a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day.

While you wait for the hot honey chicken & waffles pizza to show up on Papa John’s menu, there are ways you can make a similar pizza at home. This recipe from Lemons for LuLu uses fried chicken tenders, a Belgian waffle and bacon. The entire pizza is made from scratch, so there is a bit of work to be done, but the final product looks totally worth it!

Lemons for Lulu

Would you give this wild new pizza from Papa John’s a chance?

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