Paralyzed bride who walked for her wedding now expecting a baby

Nine years ago, Jaquie Goncher experienced a sort-of miracle when she walked down the aisle to marry her husband Andy. You see, doctors told her she’d never walk again after she sustained a spinal cord injury. But Jaquie didn’t let that stop her.

Today, we’re happy to share that the Gonchers were not done making miracles after their wedding day. Now, they have a baby daughter on the way!

Overcoming The Odds

On July 12, 2008, Jaquie went to a friend’s house for a swim in her pool. Sadly, she broke her neck after diving into the pool.

“I sustained a spinal cord injury from my C5 vertebrae being completely shattered,” she told Buzzfeed. “I also fractured C1 and C2. After my surgery, the surgeon told my mother and I that I would never walk again.”

The news devastated the young woman and her family. But about a month later, something shocking happened. Jaqui suddenly moved her right big toe. Her doctors couldn’t explain it. At that moment, she decided to do everything possible to walk for her wedding day.

“I walked on the treadmill at the slowest pace holding onto the sides and focused on not passing out,” she said. I would pull myself with my legs in my wheelchair around the gym.”

Her groom-to-be worked tirelessly with physical therapists to help his bride reach her goal. And on their wedding day, she not only walked down the aisle, but stood and danced at her reception.

Now, a new blessing awaits them. Their baby girl, Olive!

Waiting For Baby

The Gonchers decided to do a photo shoot as the final days of Jaquie’s pregnancy arrived. These photos by Love Stories Co. capture the love between the couple. And, of course, their hopeful expectation for their new arrival.

Even the photographers can’t hold back on their amazement over this expectant mom.

And, breaking news! Little Olive may already have made her debut into the world! The photographer’s Instagram account posted this less than 24 hours ago!

Best wishes to the couple as they begin the newest chapter of their lives! We hope to see more pictures soon!