Paramount Pictures Announces Over 100 Videos Freely Available On Youtube

It’s been recently drawn to my attention that Paramount Pictures has posted over 100 videos (free to watch) on its YouTube channel, The Paramount Vault.


I checked my sources, and it’s correct!

While “The Paramount Vault” doesn’t include full feature-length versions of classics like Titanic, CluelessThe Godfather, Top Gun and The Transformers Series, this is a great opportunity to discover lesser-known films produced by Paramount.

The films are neatly organized by category: Classics, Horror, Comedy, Science & Fiction, Drama, Action/Adventure, Western, Thriller and Digital Series.

There are also a plethora of clips from movies, and they’re categorized as well: Clips To Share, Dramatic Moments, Looking To Laugh, and more.

Here’s the promo teaser: