19 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Life Easier And More Fun

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We all have that friend that has an idea about how to do everything better.  She’s the one that uses her pizza cutter to cut everything from pancakes to quesadillas, and can use a baby wrap to whip up an under the table hammock.

Joyful Abode

Now you can be the one in the know – check out these tips and be the expert.  Parenting is hard – really hard, but these ideas can make life just a little easier. Give yourself a break and a laugh with these 19 parenting hacks.

1. Tiny toys can get icky – especially Legos.  Clean them in your washer using a mesh bag.

Gettin' By

2. Get your kids to dream big, and more importantly go to bed with these awesome duvet covers.

astronaut duvet

Astronaut Duvet Cover, $79.99

princess duvet

Princess Duvet Cover, $79.99

3. Martha Stewart recommends to use a shoe organizer to keep your car clean and distractions right at your tot’s fingertips.

shoe organizer
Martha Stewart

Waterproof, Over the Door Shoe Organizer, $18.99

4. Stop the drips. Use a muffin liner to catch the juice from melting pops.

popsicle melting hack
Real Simple

5. Put an end to scary monsters at night. Arm your kiddos with “Monster Spray” and sleep happy.

Monster Spray
Happy Go Lucky

6. A Reddit user advises to keep bath toys within an arm’s reach by containing tot and toys in an old laundry basket.

tub Toys Hack

7. Freeze a Capri Sun, cut the top off and dig into a cool, yummy slushy.

The Girl Inspired

8. Cut a sticker in half, place inside your kids shoes and help keep them on the correct feet.

shoe sticker
One Creative Housewife

9. Better than Pants has an adorable onesie that allows your child to mop your floors while crawling around.

Baby Mop
Better Than Pants

10. Use to-go sauce containers to keep pacifiers clean. Thanks for hte tip, Lala!

Pacifier Holder

Jello-Shot Cups with Lids, $7.65

11. Use your hot glue gun to block the holes in bath toys and avoid yucky mold.

GLue Holes in Bath Toys
We Love Being Moms

12. A fitted sheet at the beach keeps the sand out (or at least helps minimize it).

fitted sheet hack
One Crazy House

13. Road trip this summer? Lookie What I Did says to grab plastic shower caddies from the dollar store to make eating on the road much easier and cleaner.

Road Trip Caddy
Lookie What I Did

Small Utility Caddy, $10.28

14. Add Jell-o to your homemade Popsicle recipe and avoid the sticky drips.

Jello Popsicles
The Paisley Cupcake

15. Create a cardholder for kids using an old egg carton.

Egg Carton Cards
In Light of the Truth

16. Use old lotion bottles to make an easy water balloon pump.

Water Balloon Pump
Find It Make It Love It

17. Put a cut foam noodle on the door to keep it from slamming shut and pinching fingers.

Pool Noodle Door
How Does She

18. Prevent kids from over-squeezing juice boxes by using the triangle flaps as handles.

Juice Box Handles
Woo Home

19. Turn stairs into a fun slide with a really large cardboard box.

box stairs
Woo Home