Parents Love This Piggyback Kid Carrier So Much That The Company Can’t Keep Them In Stock

Carrying tiny babies is one thing, but when an older child wants or needs to be carried, parents’ backs, arms and shoulders can get worn out in a hurry. Piggyback and shoulder rides are one option, but the average 3-year-old weighs about 30 pounds. Carrying a load equivalent to three sacks of potatoes can be strenuous even for parents who are in great shape!

But now there’s a new contraption that could give parents some much-needed relief. The Piggyback Rider looks somewhat like a backpack baby carrier and functions similarly—but with a bit of a twist. The device consists of a shoulder strap with a bar mounted near the adult’s lower back. Kids ages 2 and up can stand  up on the bar for a piggyback ride that will not strain their parents’ backs.

In case you have visions of toddlers balancing precariously on their parents’ backs, have no fear. The apparatus has two grab handles on the parents’ shoulder straps as well as a tether system. A matching backpack-style safety harness attaches to the carrier for added support. The military grade buckles and webbing used for the tether give extra peace of mind.

Parents and kids alike seem to be loving this back-saving device. For parents, the lack of pain is a definite plus. For children, the high vantage point lets them view the world like never before.

Parents are using the carriers for all kinds of lengthy trips.

However, they also seem to be just as popular for shorter, local family outings such as walks around the neighborhood.

The carriers can handle kiddos who weigh up to 50 pounds, and there are a couple of different models. The base model runs about $90 while the upgraded carrier with hydration bladders for both adult and child costs $120.

[h/t: Mashable]