Parents create adorable treasure hunt for kids to find new puppy

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Surprising little ones isn’t always easy for parents. After all, kids have a lot of brain power and imagination. So, when parents Megan and Josh decided to bring home a new puppy, they knew they had to think of something special to reveal the new addition to their sons, Colby (age 5) and Carson (age 2).

“We wanted to make our surprise different and special for the boys and they love treasure hunts,” Megan told Caters News.

Apparently Colby had been busy making his own maps every week, just for fun. So, with a plan in place, Megan started the adventure by providing the boys with a map that was mysteriously left at their home.

YouTube | Caters

The colored layout provided the perfect guide to lead them to their first find in the kitchen: a small ball. Despite a less-than-enthusiastic reaction at the small surprise, Colby and Carson continued on their quest both inside and outside the house, finding a tiny bandana and a collar.

The final trail led the boys to mommy and daddy’s room where X marked the spot. And boy, were they surprised to see the final treasure waiting for them!

Little eight-week-old Fisher greeted them with a wagging tail and some adorable whimpers.

“They were so excited and surprised,” the boys’ mom said. “I asked my oldest if he had any idea and he said no.”

Welcome to the family, Fisher! We’re sure you and the boys are going to love growing up together!

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