Parents Of Energetic Boys, You’ll Definitely Relate To NFL QB Drew Brees Reprimanding His Sons On The Pro Bowl Sideline

He may be a Super Bowl champion, but New Orleans Saints’ quarterback, Drew Brees, was just another atypical dad trying to teach his kids right from wrong on Sunday while playing in the Pro Bowl in Orlando.

During a break in play, ESPN reporter Lisa Salters tried to interview Brees and his three sons about the boys’ experiences being Pro Bowl ball boys. While Brees and his oldest son, Baylen, 9, talked to Salters, younger brothers, Bowen, 7, and Callen, 5, immediately started roughhousing nearby.

The two boys had some pretty intense play fighting going on as Salters broke away from her questions to remark to Brees, “This is exactly what you told me earlier … they fight constantly, right?”

“That’s exactly right,” Brees said.

As the interview wrapped up, Brees pointed to an off-camera Callen, still goofing off, and said, “He’s about to get in big trouble for getting on the field, so, here we go.”

Before cutting away from the Brees family, the ESPN cameras showed dad, Drew, pulling Callen aside, and kneeling down for a face-to-face reprimand. Then, while Callen and Bowen jumped and waved at their father, Brees got up and pointed to the stands. (We wonder what dad was saying during that relatable parenting moment: “Your mother and millions of people are watching,” or maybe, “If you don’t behave, you’re going to go sit in the stands.”)

Parents on Twitter seemed to relate.

Some Twitter commenters thought there was more action with the boys than in the Pro Bowl.

The boys’ sideline energy continued later in the game.

After the game, Brees had this to say about his children’s WWE-style efforts.

Despite calling out his sons for their shenanigans on live TV, Brees clearly had fun with his kids leading up to and during the Pro Bowl.

There was the excitement of being official Pro Bowl NFC ball boys.

His 5-year-old, Callen, got to “take down” rookie player Alvin Kamara during a Pro Bowl practice.

And all three boys got in lots of action leading up to the big game.

Plus, if you’re Brees’ son, you get to be in the NFC locker room during Pro Bowl halftime.

And Brees loves playing with his sons on the field, too.

Aside from his three boys, Brees and his wife, Brittany, also have a 3-year-old daughter, Rylen. Looks like she’s not far behind her brothers on the football field.