Dads Are Stacking Cheerios On Kids’ Faces For The #CheerioChallenge And It Is Pretty Amazing

If you haven’t seen it yet, the #CheerioChallenge is an online competition to see how many Cheerios parents can stack on their wee ones’ faces. Parents make their towers, then take and share pictures of their feats. A site called Life of Dad started the challenge, and parents have really taken off with this one.

The result is a hilarious collection of sweet littles sleeping… with towers of Cheerios on their heads…


and bodies.

As a parent, I find this funny but also a touch cruel and mostly crazy because WHAT IF YOU WAKE UP THE BABY?! Why would you ever risk that?!

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, sure, but do you know long it takes to get some kids to sleep in the first place?

Head on over to Life of Dad to see more #CheerioChallenge pics.