Parents Take To Twitter To Share The Outrageous Lies They’ve Told Their Kids

Most parents would agree that teaching their children to always tell the truth is an important virtue to instill. However, most moms and dads would also agree that when it comes to what they tell their children, sometimes you have to bend the truth a little. Whether the truth is just a little too complicated for their young minds to grasp, you’re trying to get them to enjoy their innocence while it lasts or it’s just plain easier, all parents tell white lies now and again.

British broadcaster and dad of three, Dan Walker, posed the question on Twitter: “What are the fibs you’ve told your children?”

And the parents of Twitter responded with some pretty hilarious answers. Like this dad, whose lie is honestly a little sad but also LOL-inducing:

Or this dad, who lets his kids think he’s something of a superhero:

This mom makes sure her kids are least telling her the truth:

This dad made his son feel extra special on his birthday:

This guy’s parents hid one of life’s best guilty pleasures from him:

Here’s one way to get your kids to brush their teeth:

This mom was determined to get her son potty-trained:

When the kids start asking too many questions about Santa Claus:

When your kids say, “Pics or it didn’t happen”:

When you’re not quite ready to have the “what does death mean” talk:

Sometimes mommy needs a treat too:

When you can’t hear the wail of the toy fire truck one more time:

This one’s just plain silly:

When you need the whole pint to yourself:

This uncle makes sure his nephew won’t pick up bad habits:

This mom who needs her Candy Crush time:

When you need to limit their screen time:

This mom who was done with her kid’s picky eating:

Too funny! What are the best white lies you’ve told your kids?