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Paris Jackson Looks Like Two Major Stars In This Photo Shoot

Do you see the resemblance?

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, has grown into an astoundingly gorgeous woman. She’s also clearly following in the steps of her iconic father when it comes to the spotlight.

She recently booked a contract with the supremely influential agency IMG Models. They represent ultra-famous models like Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid.

One of her latest photoshoots is nothing short of stunning, and she also looks like a dead ringer for not one, but two famous faces.

Paris Jackson Takes On Old-Fashioned Style

Jackson clearly channels old Hollywood glamour in her shoot — classic red lips, huge blonde curls and dewy skin.

Which stars do you think she looks like here?

Some may think the similarities to Marilyn Monroe are more apparent.

But there’s something in the arched eyebrow (and devastating cheekbones) that just screams Madonna, wouldn’t you agree?

madonna photo
Getty Images | Stephen Lovekin

Of course, Marilyn Monroe didn’t have any tattoos or a nose ring, but who’s to say 2017 Marilyn wouldn’t have?

Nothing in life is fair when somebody is allowed to be this gorgeous. Oh, and she’s only 19.

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Jackson ‘Wants To Make A Difference’

The photo shoot was for Vanity Fair. In her accompanying interview, Jackson opened up about her current goals.

Though she can sing and play a few instruments (unsurprising, given her genes), she wasn’t always interested in pursuing a musical path. In fact, Jackson told Vanity Fair, she wanted to be an astronaut, a vet or a nurse growing up.

“I guess the recurring theme was that I wanted to make a difference,” she said in her interview.

Jackson has certainly inherited her father’s love of the camera, as evidenced by these gorgeous shots. But she claims that she wants to focus on more than just entertainment.

“I think it’s important to show our youth that one shouldn’t compare another’s highlight reel to their own behind the scenes,” she told Vanity Fair.

She said in a recent interview that she’s creating new tunes with her band, the Soundflowers, working on a movie about the 1990s rock-and-roll scene and modeling.

paris jackson photo
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

“I am in a band now and we are working on our record. We thought we had enough material for an EP or an LP, but it turns out we have enough material for an album, so I think we are going to get that done by fall,” she reportedly told CR Fashion Book.

Either way, we hope that Paris has a bright future ahead of her. And we wouldn’t mind if she decided to star in a Marilyn or Madonna biopic. Or both?