7 Partner Exercises That Motivate You To Get Fit With A Friend

Working out by yourself can get boring, and what better motivator to hit the gym more often than to go with a friend? Partner exercises are a fun way to switch up your workouts and keep you on track, all while fitting in a little socializing at the same time.

Working out with a partner can boost your motivation to not only stick to your workouts, but also improve your performance. A study from Michigan State University found that women doing a cycling exercise went twice as long when working out with someone else, even when it was virtual partner.

If you’re looking to kick your workouts into high gear, or even just create a fun fitness date with a friend, try one of these seven partner exercises to help you get fit with a friend.

1. AcroYoga

If you’re a fan of yoga, you’ll probably enjoy doing it with a partner. AcroYoga combines yoga and acrobatics, and you can begin with a number of classic sequences that will have you working on both your strength and balance.

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2. Back-To-Back Squats

No one likes doing squats alone, so make them a little less painful — and a little more playful — by doing them with a partner. Using your partner as a stabilizer, you’ll use your core to go into some deep squats in unison.


3. Kayaking

Tandem kayaks are a great way to not only build arm strength, but to enjoy the calm of the water with a friend or loved one. You and your partner can use techniques to make sure your rowing is synchronized and that you’re paddling in the right direction.

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4. High-Five Pushups

Make pushups a little less tedious — and a little more challenging — by “high-fiving” your partner during each rep. Face them and do your pushup as usual, but before you go back down, “high-five” your partner with one hand, using your strength to remain in a plank position.


5. Dancing

Partner dancing may seem more like a leisure activity than a workout, but you can burn some major calories busting it out on the dance floor. Whether you’re a fan of swing, prefer salsa, or maybe you’re a ballet person, partner dancing is a great way to have a good time while getting fit.

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6. Ball Sit-Ups

Work your core in unison with some sit-ups that involve a medicine ball. Face each other and have one person place their feet on top of the other for stability. Do your sit-ups, and pass the ball to your partner each time you come up.

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7. Partner Pilates

Like partner yoga, partner pilates involves classical pilates moves that incorporates the balance and strength of your partner. Whether it’s a seated pose or a standing pose, partner pilates is a unique way to work your muscles without feeling so alone.

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