Pasted-On Lace Is An Easy Way To Add Privacy To Your Windows

This project is the perfect solution when you are searching for privacy but not willing to give up the natural light from your windows.

If you’ve ever tried to apply a frosted film to your windows, you know air pockets and wrinkles can be frustrating. This alternative, creative solution was found on AnnabelVita.com, where Annabel combines both style and practicality into the final result.

She used a simple paste made out of staples found in the home, and then picked out a beautiful lace to add some coverage. The results are these gorgeous windows that will have the neighbors staring at your lace and nothing else. Here’s how to get them for yourself.

1. Choose your lace

Any thin lace fabric that pleases your eye will do.

2. Mix up the starch paste

Add two tablespoons of cold water to an equal amount of corn starch. Then stir in a cup and a half of boiling water.

3. Paint paste onto window

Use a clean paint brush and spread a thick, even coat of the adhesive over the area you want to cover.

4. Apply your lace to the window

Press the lace onto the paste you have painted. Make sure it lays flat with no wrinkling.

5. Add another layer of starch paste

Pay close attention to the edges and corners. Also, try brushing the paste on in different directions to guarantee full coverage.

In case the simplicity and beauty of this project isn’t enough to convince you, the removal process will. All you have to do is wash the windows with warm water and off it comes.

So what have you got to lose? Get out there and start searching for the best lace for your space. You’re sure to be pleased with the results.