Patrick Stewart’s Newest Foster Dog Can’t Stop Smiling At Him

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Patrick Stewart is a well-known actor, but another role he plays that’s just as resume-worthy, if you ask us, is that of a foster dad to animals. Stewart successfully found a home for a foster dog named Ginger back in 2017, and now, Stewart is the foster father to yet another pooch.

He recently welcomed Emma into his home and posted about the news on Twitter, and from the looks of it, Emma and Stewart are already the very best of friends.

“Meet Emma, our new foster girl from the beautiful folks at @WagsandWalks,” the actor wrote on Twitter. “She’s terribly sweet, and so so good. Sensitive, intelligent, and gentle…all wrapped up in 38 pounds of pocket pittie-mix love,” he wrote on Twitter.

Just one day later, he tweeted to show that Emma was making herself right at home, taking her rightful place by Stewart’s side. And even as the two napped together, it was clear that Emma couldn’t get the smile off of her face:

According to another tweet, though Stewart isn’t sharing plot spoilers with Emma just yet, these two have already formed an incredible bond:

Their friendship has a great deal to do with Stewart’s love of adopting animals, especially from Wags and Walks, a nonprofit he has continually supported.

He took to Twitter to praise the Wags and Walks organization: “I can’t think of a better way to bring a dog into your life — the staff are so trained and knowledgeable, and the dogs…well, they’re ALL perfect,” the actor tweeted:

Stewart isn’t the only star who promotes the “adopt, don’t shop” message to his fans, either. Pink recently adopted a shelter puppy while she was on tour. And country singer Luke Bryan recently adopted a senior dog after seeing his photo online.

Sadly, shortly after Bryan welcomed the dog, Poochie, into his home, he died. But, the singer was able to make his last bit of life on this Earth full of love and comfort, and now the dog has a resting place on the Bryan family farm.

Upon the news of Poochie’s passing, the animal shelter the pup was adopted from posted this message to Facebook, proving that there’s no time like the present when it comes to adopting a pet:

“Poochie enjoyed his time with the Bryan family. He even felt well enough to stroll in their pastures and be a dog again,” they shared. “He sadly passed away a few days ago, but he was loved and passed in his sleep on a big comfy bed. He is now buried on the Bryan farm amid other beloved pets.”

Animal lovers like these inspire others to give dogs in need a loving home.

Here’s to hoping Stewart can find his new best friend Emma a home very soon.

In the meantime, he can keep the adorable, smile-filled photos and videos coming!

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