This Service Is Like Amber Alert For Missing Pets


Having a pet go missing is a situation that no pet owner wants to find themselves in, but approximately 10 million pets are stolen or lost each year, according to American Humane. If you do find yourself in this awful situation, there’s a new online community that will help you bring your fur babv back home. A company called PawBoost is aiming to be the Amber Alert for missing pets in order to help reunite families with their lost dogs or cats.

If you’re not familiar, an Amber Alert is a messaging service that notifies the public over TV, radio, and text messages that a child has been abducted. Similarly, PawBoost has an active community of over 3 million Facebook users, and when someone places a free post to report a missing pet, notifications go out to a local Pawboost Facebook page, the Pawboost email list, and app subscribers in hopes that a lead will be generated. (For a fee, you can also pay to promote your Pawboost ad further.)

The Pawboost website claims its service has reunited almost 400,000 lost pets since the company formed in 2014, thanks to their digitally-focused approach that reaches millions of people. You don’t have to wait until you have a lost pet to join the Pawboost community, either. By signing up to receive email or Facebook alerts, you can be on the receiving end of missing pet reports and can help keep an eye out for lost animals in your area.

There are other similar services to PawBoost, including PetAmberAlert and Lost Dogs Of America.

However, we should note that, according to experts, the majority of lost cats are recovered when they return back home, while dogs are most often found when owners search their neighborhood. So, while Pawboost is a great service, you shouldn’t rule out searching for missing pets via more conventional methods.

In addition, it’s always a good idea for cats and dogs to wear identification tags when they go outside, and don’t forget to have your pets microchipped, either. Doing so may help bring your pet back in the event that they ever get lost.

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