This Woman Will Dogsit During Your Wedding So Your Guests Don’t Have To

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Having animals play a role in your big day is very important to some pet owners. But coordinating a dog to walk down the aisle as a ring bearer can be easier said than done. That’s where Veronica Silva of Pawfect For You comes in.

Silva created a service that will help you manage your pet on your wedding day, just to make the special moment hassle-free.

As far as dream jobs go, being a dog-sitter at a wedding definitely tops the list.

Silva was first inspired to create Pawfect For You when she realized there wasn’t anything like this on the market when she needed help with her own fur baby, JakeBear.

“I was trying to find a pet-sitting service that would take care of our dog on our wedding day, but would also bring JakeBear to the church and venue be in some of our pictures,” she wrote on the Pawfect For You website.

“Of course at a minimum, that meant driving the dog to the church for pictures after the ceremony, and I didn’t want to ask one of our friends, since they were all part of our wedding. So that’s when the thought came to me!  No two weddings are the same, and no two weddings are going to have the same needs. So I started Pawfect for You to build pet care packages tailored to each of our clients’ needs,” she continued.

And that’s how this company was born.

It’s a fully customizable experience, so whether you need your cat or dog groomed and dressed before the wedding or you just need to have someone holding their leash during the photo shoot—this company is here for you!

Pawfect For You services weddings in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.

Luckily, there are other companies that provide similar services, just in case you don’t happen to live in the New York tri-state area.

For instance, there’s Dog Tired based in South Carolina and  Woof ‘n Purr in Michigan.

A quick Google search will reveal if there’s a service like this near you, so if your wedding ceremony is coming up, be sure to look into it!

And if you’re not getting married but just happen to love the idea of pet-sitting at a wedding, well, there’s good news for you, too.

Pawfect For You is hiring, according to their website. So, go on and apply for your dream job, why don’t you?

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